The Ethereum Price Levels To Buy! {DO NOT BUY ETH / SELL ETH RIGHT NOW!} Latest Ethereum UPDATE!

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๐Ÿ“Šโœ… My “REAL-TIME” Trade Signal$! + TA & Discord Community

These are the key ethereum price levels to watch right now. for anybody wondering is it a good time to buy ethereum right now, sell eth right now or short ethereum right now This ethereum latest video update is for you!

We uncover the eth news, price action, technical analysis and look at the Ethereum price prediction and whethere you should buy ethereum now or wait. Will the ethereum crash again, is ethereum crashing and is crypto going to go down more in the short term!? Let us look at the eth ta, chart analysis to see if it is a good time to invest in ethereum and other cryptocurrency right now or not!

Buy or sell Ethereum is the question. Watch now!!

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Marzell Money says:


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orlando mendes says:

yes huge, 4,5k to 1,5k.

M K says:

This guy has not got a clue he jus guessing

Ash Trismegistus says:

I see the downtrend, but I also believe itโ€™s going to rebound instantlyโ€ฆ these low low levels I donโ€™t believe will happen. I see these at GOOD entrance points, and a great time to grab Ethereum and Cardano before the boomโ€ฆ thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m seeingโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve gotten but indicators as well. Also though Iโ€™m going by my own chart analysis

Guts says:

Entire video – etherum will go down and then up / please do all these other things that make me money and like and comment for more money in my pocket

Super Man says:

Ur full of shitโ€ฆETH will not go below $1700โ€ฆmuch less $1200 n u dare to say $650??? Ur on some straight BSโ€ฆPpl donโ€™t follow this guyโ€ฆAll heโ€™s doing is trying to get yโ€™all to use his Bybit link so he can short ETH

Aggerlee Jones says:

Congrats if you caught the short but Iโ€™m not sure I would short it here. In fact, I might start buying at this level. Iโ€™m not sure when you made the video but Ethereum is currently at 2040 and it has some support around that area. It may go lower but also may bounce right at this support level in which case you would have to chase it

Kailee Mckayla says:

Thank you for this educational video. Many people don't understand the idea of buying the dip. Buying the dip is about buying digital assets when their prices are going down and selling them when the price is up, only when the current market is down. Holding is profitable even though trading is far more profitable. I was able to acquire knowledge about trading crypto assets early enough, but due to my lack of technical understanding of analyzing the digital market, I was still limited in numerous services, but Beverlyhendersonsignals is characterized by experience and expertise that are always good for her is working. I must confess, learning the trade routes was not an easy task, but with the help of Beverlyhendersonsignals it was easier to understand. With Thomas Brooks' help, I no longer have to worry about the rise and fall of Bitcoin, you can get to Beverly Henderson with ease. on: Teleg: ram: @Beverlyhenderson

Jacky Cornille says:

These youtubers make lots of money, however spend their days making youtube videos with sensational titles. People ! Don't be fooled by those trend whisperers who are paid premium to advertise x y z platforms. It's a business ! They will be right one day, and wrong most of the other days. Traders spend their days behind screens. It's not fun. It is stressful. It is a real job ! If you want to get into finance, educate yourself with real material and run your own analysis. Get to understand the movements of stock exchange first, that will give you a huge step ahead in understanding crypto trends. Don't waste your time trying to figure out the noise on the market these guys make. Good luck.

Heinzbuck Sandcastle says:

If Ethereum is projected to skyrocket as everyone assumes….why are we all selling? I made a profit but was forced out around $4200 and again below $4000. Rhetorical question yes but there is no buy bid right now. I think we can all agree that $10k target by December is way off!

Huy Tran says:

cheaper ETH..hell ya! Been waiting for 1500-1750 ETH to load up on

Wayne Masters says:

No, you were boosting this piece of crap.

Rafaล‚ Bojar says:

Guys If i would just listen and do opposite in his discord group and his โ€œworst trade alerts everโ€ I would be a millionaire now ๐Ÿ˜‚

Rias Dave says:

Buy contextlogic inc.wish its going to ๐Ÿš€$$

Grant Man says:

Listen to those who you think know more than you do, then make your educated guess from the summary of the info collected. If you think you know more then they do why waste our time. Giving your negativity is a waste of all our energies. Lets see you post your own Youtube channel. Seems like most people can't wait to take a piss on someone else's efforts. Thank you Marzell for your efforts.

Andrew Nystrom says:

You honestly think the price is going that low? The rising wedge you drew dates back to over 6 months ago lol. How can you use a 6 month + wedge for your TA? You could do the same thing for BTC and say the price is going below 20K which is highly unlikely. I am relatively new to the Crypto space and trading but from other YT channels no one believes the price is going back down that low just yet. Very unlikely. Strong support at 1900 for ETH. There are other support levels below 1900 before it hits 1200. If I am wrong in the coming weeks to months about where the price action goes I'll be sure to comment my wrong analysis that I came up with. I just think there are other more important levels to be watching for first before we think about ETH going to $1200.

Doug Squibb says:

You've been saying its going to head up in the short/medium term, you change your mind like the wind!!!

Yardley Lyons says:

Don't listen to this guy..ethereum will not go that low..1950 at the least..3000 at the end of the month!

MC Bust says:

Everyday thereโ€™s some kind of big move in the title. Then he says it could go up and then maybe it could go down. Lmao. By far the worst TA on YouTube.

Snow Puddle says:

brilliant buying opportunities? you literally told people that buying at 2200-2400 was the hottest shit a few videos back HAHAHA

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