The Fed is blowing up our financial system, says Strike founder & CEO Jack Mallers

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Jack Mallers, Strike founder and CEO, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency topped $28,000 for the first time in 9 months. » Subscribe to CNBC:
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💰 Make $629 Per Day says:

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." –Walt Disney

p00ka64 says:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant technology. Thank you for this interview.

m smith says:

I feel confident knowing Joe and Janet have NBC Corporate Media backing their every move, its amazing what rich people can do in numbers!

Margaritas 🍸 says:

Several of the biggest market experts have been voicing their opinions on exactly how awful they think the next downturn would be, and how far equities may have to go, as recession draws closer and inflation continues well above the Fed's 2% objective. I'm trying to build a portfolio of at least $850k by the time I'm 60, therefore I need suggestions on what investments to make.

Cornelia Jennins says:

I blame the FEDs for this, because in the end they benefit by either buying off the failed banks cheaper or something. The fed can print credit as long as someone will borrow it into existence, but they cannot print product (or production).

Gatika says:

Cheers to that

Gab Mant says:

March 2023: CNBC TYLER “can someone change their mind about the 21 million Bitcoin”?


as k says:

Bitcoin is trash!!

anacap007 says:

When people talk about BTC they are really talking about satoshi units. So the cap of satoshis is 2.1 quadrillion. Not so small when you look at it that way.

DKK says:

Aiz gtfo going to zero

Kurt Bennett says:

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without hesitating then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

DKK says:

Wtf is this SBF JR?
Gtfo and put on a polo

Kenny Carrier says:

Up 70% this year yet down almost 200% from its all time highs

Verla Kunz says:

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without hesitating then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

Crooger35 says:

This bitc* is talking like he knows what the questions will be, while doens't know what he is talking about when i heard this nonsense about BCH … IT IS A HARD FORK OF BTC .. so it means there is THE SAME fixed 21mil. supply, its just upgrated version of btc. It also has almostvthe same inflation (1-2% at the time of posting this)

Shivraj Rana says:

This guy has however not explained how does he assume that bitcoin is a monetary instrument?? In its limited period of experience, bitcoin has been a poor store of value and poor medium of exchange! Also, if some private people could come up with bitcoin, assuming it succeeds, why would some other private people not come up with another limited token called shitcoin or pitcoin and which unlike bitcoin has better energy efficiency and is more amenable to being scaled up!
Surprising to note such ill informed discussions get airtime in the US. No wonder, the financial system is in a mess!

Arbitrum says:

'Guys we Iive on this C H A N N E L.'

Daniel Light says:

A bitcoin can be halved almost an infinite amount of times, it may not be created into more,but can certainly be divided

Scarface Capital. says:

Ahh what a fall from grace for CNBC

baltakatei says:

The Bitcoin that matters is the one whose node software you run. If you let someone else to run a node for you then eventually they'll reprogram the node to swindle you out of your coins. Being able to run your own node was attacked in 2017, leading to the UASF movement among node operators and developers.

ZACH HAG says:

According to certain economists, it's possible that the U.S. and certain parts of Europe might experience a recession at some point in 2023. Although a global recession, which is characterized by a decline in annual global per capita income, is relatively uncommon due to the faster growth rates of emerging markets like China, in comparison to developed economies. I have pulled out more than $340k from my bank. After all, the FDIC covers only up to $250,000, and the implosion could have bad effect. Looking to invest into the stock market now. Does anyone know how I could go about it?

baltakatei says:

3:30 See also: Bitcoin Classic, BitcoinXT, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision, etc. …

额华夏银行阿大家粗好多 says:

Thank you for the useful information! But now it will be much more stable and profitable to earn on the Crypton cryptocurrency.

Berkleyerkley says:

Love this guy

Fake Money says:

Jack spitting facts

Elliot Alderson says:

Well said. Period.

Calm down fam says:

I'm not buying Bitcoin at 27k or 65k that's ridiculous but I'll buy ETH POLKADOT COSMOS CARDANO, as they have more room to run. Bitcoin's time to get in was about 5-10 years ago

jeffdev C says:

He’s going to crash and burn

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