The Most Important Chart For Crypto

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Welcome back!

The market has been insanely volatile over the last couple weeks which has caused many bag holders to sell their positions. Today I have some charts that are possibly my most important yet that will perfectly show EXACTLY where Altcoins are headed…

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Noah Valencia says:

Honestly felt like a learned a lot about that Fibonacci thank you so much just subbed (:

gee cee says:

Amazing TA. If you're right…..WOW

El Holistico says:

I think you are right on the fibonacci levels bro. Good call! Thank you

Wara malli says:

xrp coine sell or hold 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Venoman says:

Amazing video Donovan, thank you for this info

Tech At Length says:

What's with the fisherman's hat?

Gary Wolff says:

What is the symbol on TV for the altcoin marketcap chart you are using? Great work

Imre says:

@D.I.Y Investing – Please can you show one day how to open those charts and what time frames to check.
The ALT dominaannce and the BTC dominance – i have tried but my chart looks wonky. Would also like to know Moving Average to learn for beginners , stuff like that.
I open an indicator but i dont understad what line is what , it doesnt label them. sigh

Eric Viston says:

very interesting

Davide Fanton says:

Good stuff man.

Drechen Lard says:

wayne's world wayne's world party time excellent

Kel Drake says:

you are a genius!

Tyson Hodges says:

What a great video….amazing analysis!

mich2020 says:

lol very nice analysis, do we have timeframe for this? 😀 merry xmas btw

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