The NEW ICO's of 2021 – IDO's – Polkastarter, Bounce and Poolz

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#IDO #Polkastarter #Bounce – Powerful Crypto Trading Bot With DCA! – Exclusive Videos and Community

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Crypto Crow says:

How is this video at only 1.5k views? Have I been shadowbanned or something?

υикиσωи ѕтαя says:

I am having a MAJOR problem with the ido thing all together and have yet to have any channel to answer my questions about it. My question is why invest in an ido when its a lottery on whitelisting which means you are not guaranteed access to the said token. In icos back in2017 they never used to have this sort of thing. My 2nd question does every ido have a whitelisting lottery? Is every polkadot project coming up an ido

Roman RSK says:

How do you sell a coin right at launch if bought at ICO price? Will it be instantly available on UniSwap upon release? Or is there another way about it, so I can make sure i don't get dumped on?

Story Daily says:

Bounce auction ,, amazing project

Eduardo Lemos soares says:

I'm new in your channel, is that celsius promo legit? will they give you 40$DAI just for holding with them $200?

Bichitra Pradhan says:

Do you think we can get good return on Bitcratic BCTR Token

J R says:

Mark Of The Beast coming soon. This is about to get biblical. Don't worship crypto. Make your money and get out, buy tangible off grid assets, guns and ammo, raise family, take your slave mask off! Stop complying with tyrants! Invest in Cardano if any. Charles knows what I'm talking about as far as tyranny goes. Cardano will stand against tyrannical government.

rookerFrye georgeHart says:

Only when you've sat with real anaIysts with years of trad!ng experience to their name and carefully briefed on how these market structure work, you'd just be a blind man trying to make his way in a city full of numerous equally blind people, from experience a dip in crypto mar:ket value is a very interesting yet advantageous part of how the mar:ket work, Btc and Eth(slight dip) can be attributed to the huge coin sales from investor of late. I've got a lot of crypto in my possession, but a dip has never been my problem, dips as this just merely provides avenue to acquire more trad!ng equity, trad!ng definitely ticks the dot. Trad!ng though is serious business that should only be done under the right stra:tegy and gu!de, I've readily employed using s!gnals from trad anaIyst Victor judge while carrying out personal sessions with amazing returns, this way I accumuIate crypto trad!ng and buy from dips like this. You can easily get to Victor on ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ (@Victorsignal)

FABIO S says:

Is there any tutorial on how to get into pols idos by holding 3000pols?

coconut JUICE says:

bounce token could reach $1,000,000/share due to very low supply

Ka Wa says:


new turk says:

scammer beware!!!!!!!!

Chris Nordby says:

Can you look into compound and tell us what you think of it and how it all works? How do I get a loan or what is the swap taken exchange process to get out of compound. They use a token called c eth and I'm confused on how to us it.

Greg Simmons says:

Good but really really need time stamping

nilschissi says:

Dont foret Reef finance. Huge potential

Lord Wise says:

The Nieve say…."Join the Revolution Buy GameStop". "Let's teach the Rich, our overseers a lesson."
The Mega Rich say…."close the platforms down. Shut these people out." "We can do this to them, but how dare they do this to us." "Who do these people think they are?"

The Nieve say…." Buy Bitcoin, buy the revolution" "Down with the banks" "Down with the overlords"
The Mega Rich say….." We created Bitcoin" "Those fools have no idea who really control the world" "You makes moves that we actually anticipated years ago, we're so far ahead of you"

Craig says:

Moonbeam is under radar..big time. Paralink and Umbrella on Polka. Enough said.

paul burdi says:

China is trying to overtake the country. Pompeo said China is already within our borders. We have to start loading our guns and meeting up with others in our churches n taverns

Greenray Decentraland says:

poolz is like a 10 mil marketcap

Greenray Decentraland says:

poolz is so early right now

Aaron Ellis says:

I think POOLZ you need fat bag of ETH to even get in

Bob Bobberson says:

We need ADAstarter

Proj3ctSpartan says:

Do you wear make up? Your so looks like it

DoriMartin says:

Still loving the peeing intro!! Looove it

rhb30001 says:

Polkainsurance $PIS is another one!!!

Crypto Tom says:

IOST 54% staking on Binance!! Pump pump pump!

Cryptopreaching Pedro says:

Polkadot is amazing! Projects on the Polkadot ecosystem are top quality 🔥🔥🔥🔥

shawnboladao says:

It is hard to get whitelisted even owning POLS. The companies that list on polkastarter have their own criteria and it's a crap shoot trying to get into these projects.

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