The TRUTH about $10,000 Ethereum

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Ben Quirk says:

It鈥檇 be nice to hear your thoughts on ETN if you get chance, thank you

Frank鈥檚 Underwood says:

Why are you not talking about Terra Luna Ecosystem? They are massive in Asia, please check Mirror Protocol and Anchor Protocol. Luna will be a TOP 5 project by the end of 2021. Please do research. Luna has 2.5 million crypto non users who pay with Luna every day in Asia.

chris vodicka says:

Sorry but the "green blockchain" narrative doesn't really work since the eth competitors are already "green blockchains"

NewSat MobileSat says:

Vethore will be next bitcoin 馃挴馃殌馃殌馃殌馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

Johnny Cardenas says:

Dude…pretty vague…

Kyle Grubbs says:

fair assumptions

DJ VIDO says:

Would be nice to keep the pauses in the video鈥 , becomes pretty annoying

袩械褌褉 袠胁邪薪芯胁 says:

Finally. New ethereum video! I missed such content so much!

Ding Dong says:

Lol, all the forcasts, "to the moon" (next month) !!

ADoseofReality Channel says:

10k? Lmao. Gimmie a fucking break.

Puro South says:

I'm sick of all this SHORT talk! Let's talk about the long run LONG TERM! 2-5 years!

Jacob Martin says:

Eth is about to become a store of value, has first mover advantage, has smart contracts, is decentralized, and has majority of the developers. To the competitors I say, good luck! You will surely need it lol

Kyle Cobabe says:

This is a cool analysis and video. Thumbs up!

James Barrymore says:

You think you had it bad holding Eth? I鈥檓 still holding litecoin lol

Jacob Martin says:

People need to understand that the eth devs including Vitalik have given a roadmap and have given a timeline!! They are giving you all 1 to 2 years to stack your ethereum before it shoots to Mars lol I can鈥檛 express this enough ETHEREUM IS EXTREMELY UNDER VALUED!

Ro G says:

Mrs Maria is a SCAMMER

PolkaCity BeGgAr says:

people have better chance on making big with PolkaCity than the Dinosaur Eth

john says:

seems to me most major crypto all rises with bitcoincs rise.. diverisfy and hold, youll make bank

Willie Smith says:

Mrs Maria legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

Alex Rey says:

Narratives he says, he makes them sound fake no offense, like they're fairy tales used to trick people.

Jake M says:

I think it's crazy that percentage-wise many different cryptos are rising at the same rate as each other. I like stellar the most out of the different cryptos, interested to hear what you think of that one in particular

Vinay varghese says:

How ethereum goes up and down ? What can make people and companies to invest in ethereum? How many ethereum need to be sold to make it $10,000 ?

Rod Wes says:

February was suppose to be a huge month for crypto lost a lot of gains at the end of the month March is usually bearish and it stayed bearish lol. Next month gotta be a good month right. Buy while it鈥檚 down!!!!!!

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