The USA Just Proposed Scary Cryptocurrency Regulation for 2021 | Bitcoin Holders BE READY for FinCEN

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Is cryptocurrency legal in the US? FinCEN just proposed KYC regulation for withdrawing cryptocurrency to private wallets in 2021. Bitcoin and altcoin holders: Let’s discuss!

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00:00 New Cryptocurrency Wallet Regulation
03:03 How Does this Affect You?
06:35 DEXs & Privacy Coins
09:27 Bitcoin will Explode

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AllHustleNoSleep says:

They are starting to regulate it in order to keep the dollar alive

Chris Mo says:

DER !!! what did you think was gunna happen.

Mani Kanta says:

India already made compulsory KYC requirement to get Bitcoin.

I am holding it, not a problem.
Bitcoin will thrive…. Not a problem.

Alan Brown says:

Doesn't make since since the limit is so low ($3k). There will be 'millions' of these transactions. How can this huge amount of information be cheaply/profitably accessed and used? Could understand if the limit was say >> $1million.

Cincinnati Harry says:

World order needs to know where monies are being spent for consumerism.

Cincinnati Harry says:

Communist and abhorrent….

Vincent Romanowski says:

It doesn't sound like a big deal. It's just like when the government wants to know if you have over $10,000 invested in another country.

Liza Koshy says:

Susan Bossmann told me about this rise and now its happening, I'm glad i listened to her as my btc portfolio is on a steady increase.

Sophia Smith says:

The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex though stocks are good ever since i swapped to Forex, I've seen so much difference

ThomasDiy says:

3:00 Almost impossible to log Social Security numbers and other forms of identification verification. Right now we have widespread identity theft. But honestly I think the only type of crypto currencies of value is POW. Anything such as POS, Tokens, Stable coins will see government regulation.

Anthony Brown says:

Look…… most likely this is just a measure to stop shady people from doing criminal activity. The same thing exist for fiat currency. If a person is moving via a money orders/cashier's checks over the amount of 3k, then they have to fill out a large currency transaction report……this includes transactions of cash that ttl over 10k. Both have to fill out a large currency transaction report -and if the bank feels that if your are still doing something shady, but are moving money under the 3k/10K….they still have the right to fill out the large currency transaction report because of your suspicious activity…..stop over thinking things…….

American Truth says:

Remember that the C I A and government regulators are all part of the biggest money launderers out there. They are doing this to stop others from cutting into their business. Crypto/centralized banks will always be best and preferred. Take it away and I will find a replacement in days or make one.

Tony Brown says:

I don't own any crypto. I am also not American. Love following the space

Adam H says:

Tethers fraudulent coin will crash market same way Freddie and Fannie crashed real estate In 08. It's even the same chart pattern as sandp500. Get ready it's coming soon they are currently being investigated

Alfadirson says:

they just want to kill the decentral idea… they want to kill the financial freedom^^ as always xD

Hope for all says:

I'd be very interested to hear Andreas Antonopolis' thoughts on this matter

Michael Rupley says:

Great things always get ruined by the Government

Mariusz Bojarczuk says:

Putting all in my European exchanges. See how you like it when everyone else will.

Mariusz Bojarczuk says:

Idiots! Stop scaring people to introduce your new economy. XRP is the showcase to show what SEC can do.
Nobody is afraid of bitcoin. Nobody wants your control.

Things Ya Need says:

Thanks for the insight I am going to share this with my team of investors that getting daily payouts on crypto currency. This is going to require more hands and tweaking on these rules. I can see government is getting very imitated of crypto currency that they can not control. Well I will continue to strategize and utilize crypto currency to buy other assets and make my money and bitcoin work for me every single day. Thank you for the video.

Anderson Paul says:

Investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now

Your Mother says:

The government owns the people. It is what it is. Unless you’re one of those who thinks we live in a free country. Hehehe

Your Mother says:

I hope this really happens!

Kosm says:

No this is terrifying. If they do this they will reserve the right to veto access to certain wallets. Anyone who holds crypto could be locked out from spending their funds. It would also slow the efficiency of crypto IMMENSLY because the netowrk would have to accomotate identity verification software for every exchange. Worst of all, it invalidates crypto currency as a true, soverign currency, devoid of human manipulation, by permanantly teathering it to biased regulation and the failing US dollar.

OBrien says:

Looks like it's time to swap all to monero

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