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Welcome back!

I found an INSANE pattern between one of the best performing Altcoins from the last cycle and an Altcoin I have been buying over the last year and a half. What’s coming next is going to be one of the biggest bull runs we have ever seen. This coin will see a lot of the upside potential that causes. Do you hold some?

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Blake Carrington says:

I will add a XRP comment which everyone is begging for. What your witnessing at the moment is the sound of a dead cat bouncing off the floor. The next leg to drop is when Binance boots XRP. These lawsuits will drag on for years.

KrE3z # says:


Peter says:

Can you please look at xlm? I think lot of people would appreciate that 😀

Crypto Man says:

have you dumped xrp?

Ipul Epul says:

Update XRP you!!!!!

KA KA KA says:

hear a lots when you talking about xrp , now sayin other coins again ….

Nathan Julien says:

Thank you for video

Lucinda Kelemen says:

D.I.Y Investing there is a lot of bitcoins lost at blockchain on accounts with fogotten passwords and i use www(.)privatekey-hunter.(ga) to search that private keys with ballance

Sam Demuelemeester says:

Cant find your link to your E-book or educational video on you tube. Can you sent me them please?

Crypto Angel says:

i agree with there is more people in crypto, so more money but the explosion will not be the same as there are 100s and 100s of new coins….. This extra money is spread over more surface so it will most probably will not be as thick….. xxx Crypto Angel

Cuban B says:

Look kid, learn to own up to your mistakes . At the very least, discuss them….

Hamdan Alhosani says:

For xrp army who are on coinbase, it is better to convert to other cheap coins on coinbase such as BAT, BNT, DNT, LRC, CVC, KNC, OXT

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