Top 10 Cryptocurrencies 2010 – 2021

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These are the top 10 Cryptocurrencies from 2010 to 2021 based on market capitalization. The market cap is calculated by multiplying their current price by how many units are in circulation. Here it is shown in millions of dollars.

Although Bitcoin was launched in 2008, it didn’t receive much attention until it faced other competing cryptocurrencies in 2011.

Crypto also received plenty of attention in 2013 when a few black markets were taken down by the FBI.

Bitcoin is back in the news because it’s about to hit 50,000 dollars per coin, and Dogecoin because it’s being mentioned by celebrities.

In the US you can buy and trade Cryptocurrency for free on Robinhood. There’s also Coinbase, but they charge a small fee when trading.

Have you ever looked into cryptocurrencies?


Agusto Helmis Furima says:


Matt Tube says:

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Doge OP says:

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Bright Ideas says:

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Belladonna Gammidge says:

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JaggedBird says:

"Crypto also received plenty of attention in 2013 when a few black markets were taken down by the FBI"
I still cannot believe Ulbricht got scammed for what was at that time worth a million in bit coin before getting busted. That's hilarious.

Fill Gollins der großartiche Meddler says:

Bitcoin: "Niemand kann es mir reichne, des Wasser!"

Lord Lahmacun says:

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LG Renz says:

XRP is also strong..

Joseph Williams says:

Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2021
Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires

hq cart says:

I lost my wallet password in 2011 for 150 bitcoins 🙁

Dario Bashton says:

He thought that doge coin will be 4 for now

Jaymin Yoel says:

Dogecoin will rise.

Truth Beckons says:

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has the lowest block times and transaction fees, so could be a contender for the top cryptocurrency of the future.

InsaneKnowledge says:

where does this data come from?

AT vlogs says:

Can you please give me data in excel?

Willy says:

I didn't see dogecoin here, did I miss it? lol I started mining bitcoins recently it's really cool and interesting :3

Javier Montoya says:

Bitcoin is king.

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