Top 3 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in APRIL 2021 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments

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Alec Bowers says:

I believe $Dash will go to all time highs this year!

Mathew George says:

New Subscriber here.
Thanks for the info and looking forward to winning the ledger .

Jaheim Kyleigh says:

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Dono Jackson says:

On how to make money by Investing on bitcoin and online trading

02. Arnold Nathanael Benjamin says:

Nice content! Keep up the good work.

jordi maasdam says:

on what platform do you guys buy? a lot of platforms do not support these coins

Zaldy II Mata says:

Nice information 🤠

David K says:

great info as always

usman anjum says:

Azbit is good investment?

The Original says:

Watch octans/octa ! Very young and solid coin ! X100 soon



Original Bro says:

UBT is solid but they specialize in middleware and target different industries than my other supply chain gem: SyncFab / MFG.
SyncFab focuses on their built hybrid (eth + hyperledger) infrastructure, Smart MFG's focus is on the overall MFG ecosystem. MFG is the first mover and currently the only viable solution in the manufacturing blockchain space. With clients such as Lockheed Martin and Space X, it would be a mistake to not hold at least some MFG in your portfolio, while its still just a 15 million marketcap coin. I see potential for 20x gains here, just to reach UBTs current marketcap midterm.

Bobby9 # says:

Why i cant buy UTB thorugh crypto app??? There is no BUY option. Can someone help?

Sherv Afshar says:


Thomas d'Aquino says:

Some x100 low cap suggestions (with under or around 10m market cap and (very) good use case) I could give: Gambit (GMT), Binance Starter (BSC), Swirl Cash (Swirl), VAIOT (VAI), Falcon Project (FNT), Hyprr (UDOO). Other interesting coins are Labs Group (LABS), Rubic (RBC), Blank Token (BLANK) and OVR.

Tips&tricks&challenge says:

Kicktoken 🚀

Carlos Hernandez says:

Hi, where can I buy UBT? I couldn't find it in binance 🙁

Mihai Ciudin says:

Did you heard / keep on eye on TRx ?

Amusu Paul says:

Wow. Hi this is paul Amusu from Nigeria. I'm very happy to find u out today , I'm so happy to join ur channel. From now on I will ever be with this u and the channel to be update. Thanks bro

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