TOP 3 Altcoins To Realistically 50X in April 2021

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Find Out Which Altcoins Might Have The Greatest Gains!*****Can Ethereum Break All Time High? ETH Short Term Price Prediction

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In this video Alexander Lorenzo is back with another Top 3 Altcoins video! Altcoins are about to take over and Alex is ready to nitpick each one with his self created strategies and basic technical analysis principles. Alex gives us the top 3 coins that he expects to rise very soon! Be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates about cryptocurrency and altcoins!

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Arthur F says:

I like the new intro πŸ‘

platanoenalmivar says:

You forgot to mention safemoon

XDCE Whale says:

DANK thank me later's the facebook and reddit for.. DYOR ( MU DANK )

Kineson C says:

the beautiful thing about WABI coin is super low cap so it can easily 10X!

Charonne Karringten says:

Omg in Canada it looks like on Binance. Is 9.00 dollars ? Am I reading the wrong one

Eamonn Colgan says:

Thanks for the update Alex. Putting the mind to ease with the great picks we should have made prior to this run.

Keep posting! Keep spitting the truth! Your supporters are out there.

Kineson C says:

WABI coin! period!!

pkgaming says:

Compares all time low with all time high and says it can 50x to 100x. WTF are you talking about? it is 7.5$ and ATH is 25$ its max 3x?

Chandrakant Mundhe says:

Didn't received the notification of this video. Don't know why YouTube do not shown it to me

D O M I N I C says:


Brian says:

I've got to get in the habit of skipping the first 25% of his videos lol. Good content excluding the first 25% dramatization though.

Harry Mohan says:

I want long term hodl accumulation..

Fredo Corleone says:

ETHBOX review? Thanks

Crypto World says:

People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing….BE WISE

FabienG06 says:

I'm on OXT, WAX, STMX, ADA and CONV. Let's cross the fingers now

nile305 says:

Student coin!! $stc

William FagernΓ€s says:

Alt szn is here! May the odds be ever in your favor

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