Upcoming Coin Launches and ICO Platforms (Don't MISS!)

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Kartik Shah says:

Mantra Dao is the unsung hero of the Polkadot ecosystem. A community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance, MANTRA DAO gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together. It has a great team behind it, composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals from different countries, industries, and backgrounds, all coming together with the goal of bringing DeFi services to all corners of the world, and has ecosystem partners like BAND, KAVA and TERRA. What's more, the Mantra Wallet is now LIVE!

Token price is only 0.37…dirty cheap!

John Williams says:

What about PointPay ????

Jygo Gaming says:

Kickpad and good?

Creation of God says:

Check out munch token. A unique token focused on donations. They donate millions already to different places every month!

Mehdi Akbari says:

Where can we catch the new tokens?

Donato Calamita says:

Bonfire 🔥

Sameer Ali says:

Make a review video about the token "ElonGate"

Cr8ive Trends says:

Can I find most of these ICO's on pancake swap

SpartanDeluxe says:

Raptoreum seems to have potential as well…as they also fight asics with that special ghostrider algorithm

Wouter Lugard says:

Pointpay ICO

PT says:

Man Elrond will top everything outthere 🤫

Adam says:

Have you ever heard of VEIL? I'm invested myself, and it's pretty d*m awesome.

Arsim Thaci says:

We shared the same story i sold my dog and btt and vechain and invenst in fine token like 3.5 great and now is 1000 🙁 🙁 if you don't make mistakes you are not learning at all

Diogo Silva says:

Hey, could you do a video analysis about Galaxim (GLXM) I can't find any video about it. Looks a very good community driven crypto since the devs only hold 1% of the total supply.

Zanehs Kahs says:

First of a kind MMORPG Defi NFT game
15M MC
40k holders
Trial 1 beta game released with $1800 prize.
Trial 2 with 5 figure prize soon.
Bitmart listing mid May.

Naseer says:

Great videos and explanations. Please make a video about #TELCOIN. Can’t wait. Thanks

kabadu join says:

Hi, how we are goona buy media token today,can u illumunate me?

Ticket2lambo Lambo says:

Can you please explain Ticket2lambo

icasinobonus says:

Missing Ticket2lambo in your video

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