US Government DUMPING Bitcoin…

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Why is the US Government selling off 51000 Bitcoin? Should you be concerened? Will Bitcoin dump?

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Kyle De Villiers says:

51k btc is about 0.25% of the supply.

DELEON says:

Good , we need to get rid of paper hands


Lol, I wouldn't be trying to start a business in Belarus.

J L says:

I heard they have about 3/4 of all the Dogecoin there is.

Brandon Thielman says:

I hope you had a great time filming, I got my popcorn ready for the show!!! LFG!!! Can't wait to see The Next Crypto George!!! I mean Gem!!! Hahaha

Rebecca Dunn says:

When do they come back?

Rebecca Dunn says:

Lol Congress went home for Spring break that why it going down

Nelson Muntz says:

We're all Jorge🤑

Mo Vlogs Extreme says:

Good news, if they find out the government sold the 41k then everyone will start buying the deep… 41k is not much

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

So the government is trying to manipulate the price.

Big&Tall says:

Chinese Yuan will rule soon

mark schuette says:

WHAT IF the gov is selling because they are getting ready to rek crypto,, is that possible for them to do,, could they shut down crypto?? can anyone explain to me if its still somwhat safe from gov??

Luke Wrightman says:

So basically the government is giving away cheeper btc. Cheers for that.

Shantanu Ghosh says:

great content 😀🎉👍

brian L says:

April fool? 😂

Kurt Hokage says:

Dfk dreadknight animations are so sick

Ali Khan says:

Someone else will just snap it up

Cryptorious says:


TheShaolin015 says:

What morons would sell off the future global reserve currency

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