WARNING for Crypto: Bullish Bitcoin Price TRAP No One is Watching!

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Pill Gates says:

I鈥檓 scratching my balls hitting this blunt, waiting for you to say buy or sell basically

Jos茅 De Pina says:

Portugal, Lisboa, working, Architect

ratti80 says:

In Europe it was in every news! That Ucraine exported ONE ship full of mais. They can do this once a week. That is NOT enough to stop the extra famine caused by the Russian aggressor.

celestialkaze says:

Usually listen from my desk at home or work. About 50/50. I work in IT. I appreciate you!

Ben Haberman says:

Need to get these people off the toilet. Listen at gym over here

Opportunity Farmer says:

Listening through headphones while Farming in California my friend.

Porphyrogenitus [銉濄兗銉曘偅] says:

I watch these while strapped into the chair, Alex from A Clockwork Orange style, at 1.5x speed, while someone drips the drops into my eyeballs.

Alpha Belcher says:

Eating breakfast. Best way to start the day!

Levi Henderson says:

Dairy farmer! Work mostly by myself so plenty of time to listen and learn 馃

Steampunker X says:

For the love of god, change that hideous picture in the thumbnails..

martin gotz says:


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