WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ENDING! | ICO ENDING PS3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9

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Subscribe for daily reactions & gameplay – https://www.youtube.com/suzylugme Finally I am playing ICO on the PS3. I have never played ICO before but The Last Guardian is my all time favourite game and Shadow Of The Colossus is too so I decided to play ICO. I hope you enjoy the ICO gameplay and look forward to my review after the ending.

What is ICO?

Ico is an action-adventure game developed by SCE Japan Studio and Team Ico, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released for the PlayStation 2 video game console in 2001 and 2002 in various regions. It was designed and directed by Fumito Ueda, who wanted to create a minimalist game around a “boy meets girl” concept. Originally planned for the PlayStation, Ico took approximately four years to develop. The team employed a “subtracting design” approach to reduce elements of gameplay that interfered with the game’s setting and story in order to create a high level of immersion.

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Людмила Котомина says:

Fate never change..

Gabi says:

Well… how do we tell her that the final scene of the bitch is just a dream that Ico's having on the boat…

ViperofVic says:

Suzy finding the boat: "Should I get in or what?"
Me: Oh goodness, the foreshadowing… :'(

Kieron Savage says:

Why do you keep calling her Cathy?? Her name is Yorda… x

Jimmy Zappa says:

The ending is also interpreted as the afterlife as they both died in the boat and the castle.

Mark O'Helm says:

Yorda. Her name is Yorda.😊

Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions says:

I played ICO on release & was blown away.
SOTC, impressed me technically, but I didn't fall for it in the same way.
The Last Guardian however, I loved, and felt more like I was in a world more similar to that of ICO.
Would love ICO to be remade as SOTC was
It's my favourite of the three.

Cheyenne Dejesus says:

I love Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Growing up my brothers raised me around anime and videogames. Ico and SOTC was and still is one of my top favorite games. Like the nostalgia i get from this story is warming. Shadow of the Colossus too, both of these games i find eerie and strange/mysterious, I love the theme for them both, they give me Attack on Titan/Studio Ghibli vibes tbh. I see the exact themes of creatures, history, mysterious power/magic and true village atmospheres play out so wonderfully. I feel like Ico is a classic based off the cover alone, i mean seriously, that is the most beautiful cover ever, the creators really put thought into it. I loved that cover so much as a kid id stare at it for hours, those were the good ol days. Strangely enough i dont remember The Last Guardian as much but i still love that game too.

Marcos Lopez says:

wander es en realidad ico!!!
(Segui leyendo para entender esta teoria!)
Mono, fue sacrificada porque era parte de una profecia y este decia que tenia un destino maldito.
Resulta que mono estaba destinada a ser la reina obscura ( si la que aparece en ico!), y esto ocurre debido a que dormin, (el dios que aparece en shadow of the colossus), contamino el cuerpo de mono cuando la revivio, razon por la cual las sombras en ico obedecen a la reina.
Otro punto interesante es que la hija de la reina en realidad es todo lo puro y bueno que sobrevivio de mono, asi que tiene sentido que la reina pueda reencarnar en ella puesto que serian dos caras de la misma moneda (esa pista nos la dan en los ultimos segundos de la intro!).
y para cerrar, cuando wander es transformado en bebe con cuernos, aparecieron muchos bebes mas con cuernos en el mismo universo.
precisamente aparecio un bebe por cada fragmento de dormin.
antes dormin se fracturo en las 16 teoricas partes, (sombras), que se manifestaron en los colosos, aunque en el inicio de shadow se puede notar que aparecen sombras o fragmentos de normin que no estaban habitando ningun ser vivo, siendo asi, mas de 16 fragmentos.
Ademas normin estaba vivo porque aun tenia otras partes o fragmentos de el intactas, siendo suficiente como para existir y tener poder, pero sin poseer forma fisica.
por esa razon en el la prision del castillo se pueden ver mas de 16 compartimentos utilizados para aprisionar a los niños y a sus almas (sombras o fragmentos de normin), los cuales son la siguente forma en que los fragmentos de normin se manifestaron, asi que antes eran colosos y ahora niños con cuernos.
Asi que al final la historia de wander si tiene un final feliz y ocurre en ico.
Pensaras entonces, porque ico no se titulo shadow of the colossus 2 o alreves??
Bueno, como shadow se llevo a cabo luego del lanzamiento de ico, este se iba a llamar nico ("ni" en japones siginifica 2), siendo asi el titulo, un juego de palabras y se entiende como "ico 2".
Inclusive "trico" (tri significa 3 en ruso) es otro juego de palabras y significa "ico 3"
Un detallito mas, los idolos que aparecen en las puertas en el castillo de ico, (las que abre la hija de la reina o con la espada luminosa), son una representacion del primer coloso que encontras en shadow of the colossus!.
Asi que los creadores de los juegos dejaron pistas para que entendieramos que los juegos estan conectados!
Inclusive la ropa de ico posee los mismos simbolos que la de wander y los colosos!
Te dejo lo demas para que investigues!

Marcos Lopez says:

wander is actually ico !!! (I kept reading to understand this theory!) Mono, it was sacrificed because it was part of a prophecy and it said that it had a cursed destiny. It turns out that mono was destined to be the dark queen (if the one that appears in ico!), And this happens because dormin, (the god that appears in shadow of the colossus), contaminated the body of the mono when he revived it, reason whereby the shadows in ico obey the queen. Another interesting point is that the daughter of the queen is really all pure and good that survived as a mono, so it makes sense that the queen could reincarnate in her since they would be two sides of the same coin (that clue is given to us in the last seconds of the intro!). and to close, when wander is transformed into a baby with horns, many babies with horns appeared in the same universe. precisely one baby appeared for each fragment of dormin. before dormin fractured in the 16 theoretical parts, (shadows), that were manifested in the colossi, although in the beginning of shadow it can be noticed that shadows or fragments of normin appear that were not inhabiting any living being, being thus, more than 16 fragments Also normin was alive because he still had other parts or fragments of the intact, being enough to exist and have power, but without physical form. for that reason in the prison of the castle you can see more than 16 compartments used to imprison the children and their souls (shadows or fragments of normin), which are the next way in which the fragments of normin were manifested, so before they were colossus and now children with horns. So in the end the story of wander if it has a happy ending and it happens in ico. Think then, because ico was not titled shadow of the colossus 2 or around? Well, as shadow was carried out after the release of ico, this was going to be called nico ("ni" in Japanese means 2), thus being the title, a game of words and is understood as "ico 2". Even "trico" (tri means 3 in Russian) is another word game and means "ico 3" One more detail, the idols that appear in the doors in the castle of ico, (those that the daughter of the queen opens or with the luminous sword), are a representation of the first colossus that you find in shadow of the colossus !. So the creators of the games left clues for us to understand that the games are connected! Even ico's clothes have the same symbols as wander and colossi! I leave you the rest for you to investigate!

Littleredcatt says:

This was…and always has been…one of my truly favourite games

Mark O'Helm says:

I hope we get a proper remake someday. Like SotC Ps4.
Btw. When you use your last save and you play the game for the second time, the game becomes a 2 player coop and you can understand, what yorda is saying. After you finish the game the second time, find the water melon on the beach and bring it to yorda.

Shadow of the Collossus is regarded as the prequel to ICO.

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