What are Bitcoin Alternatives? | Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin Cryptocurrency Explained | Dhruv Rathee

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In this video, I explain the main features of how any cryptocurrency works with a wallet, an exchange, a blockchain and miners. Then I explain the famous Altcoins. The alternatives to Bitcoin and why they were discovered. I take the example of Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

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0:00 Introduction
1:40 The Need for Altcoins
4:47 Feature 1: Blockchain
5:24 Feature 2: Cryptocurrency exchange
6:12 Feature 3: Miners
7:50 Feature 4: Wallet
9:23 Ethereum Coin
10:58 Litecoin
11:30 Ripple Coin
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Dhruv Rathee says:

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You are a real cowerd

Gurpreet Singh says:

Very informative video on Alt Coins. Thank you Druv. Could you also throw some light on the differences between a custodial wallet vs non-custodial wallets for storing cryptocurrencies; how these wallets work and their differences

Sanjay Kumar says:

Hai aff wiper
I am here to dislike your all video
Your reaction an KGF2 teaser
You and your white aff was given a damn good reaction on KGF2 teaser
Thanks for that
And am here to unsbscribe your ngikcuf channel

201 201 says:

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Не верьте ему

Sougata Pal says:

U didn't feel guts to answer my question in ur last video on this topic. I can understand that u also need money. But a person like u should question ur fund providers also. It's shocking that u & Akash both just pass my questions when it comes to question ur own fund provider.
I know, I am just another fan of u both & currently not much in terms of money for you guys but I hope the things u r doing will be as good as u showcase them.
All the best..

H V says:

Great content ,as always. How to store Bitcoin once you purchased it. I have heard if you lose hard drive you will lose them and cannot be recovered? Would you mind sharing the way you are storing your Bitcoins? Is it fair to say any one who has my hard drive will own my bitcoin and can sell it. Should I treat it like a cash

,it belongs to who has it in his hand? Thanks

Cricket clips says:

Dhruv sir XRP vs Sec Par Video banoo

karthik sahu says:

cryptocurrency as long or short time invest diffrence?

Imran Khan says:

Please tell us about the future of ripple,etherium etc future in India ? Well they also get inflation like Bitcoin ever in the market? How inflation and deflation occur in these coins

Vinay Kumar D says:

Kgf 🔥 , i think u have to apologise

sandip singh says:

Thank you Dhruv to aware / educate people about crypto. People are thinking that crypto is scam and in other hand financial institutions are investing heavily. Even US government uses stablecoin to send foreign aid to Venezuela.

Dev Saluja says:

There are many currencies made by huge organizations specially in japan sushi coin…..can you give a video that can explain why they can be trusted that they will not vanish…

Aziz Ur Rehman says:

Bht hi wahiyat app h bhai..
Recommend Krna band kr do, last time jb apne hi recommend kiya tha tb se use kr rha hu.

Akhila Karnataka Rakshana vedhike says:

Waste of time 1st do homework

Scorpion King says:

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Am here to dislike Your video

Vivek Hippargi says:

Kgf chapter 2

mukul mandal says:

You did wrong by making fun of KGF 2.. u r idiot.

Aditya Hajeri says:

KGF 2 teaser has cost you a lot. That is us. The kannadigas. We can still make your videos go viral, we can also make it more disliked and many more. We would have been happy if you had given the review properly. But you said the movie scenes are funny and are against Physics..!! What about your Hollywood movies, can you show a single movie with proper physics attached to it, No you can't, I know you did that KGF 2 review only to gain views, and you assumed that by making a negative impression video you thought people would come and check your video, they did not forget to dislike too. You might even fall to hell, if in future you did this. Be aware of Karnataka people and Kannadigas.

Nitish Chouhan says:

Bitcoins isliye itana famous aur mahanga ho rha hai kyuki usme atankwadi, drug mafia, dusre criminal activist , Iran aur North Korea jaise desh bhar bhar ke paisa lagate hai.

Meet Amin says:

Hey can you show the actual process how to transfer money overseas

Siddharth Singh says:

7:25 you said that while buying altcoins do your research.. it'd be very helpful if you include a part in your video wherein you include such sites and/or resources to study/research about different cryptocurrencies.

Thanks! ✌🏼

pubg lover says:

arnab ka whatsapp chat leak ka upar video banao

Meesala Ram says:

Dhruv make a video on Crypto mining softwares it will helpful for everyone.

Afrid Bagwan says:

Make video on how to create our own token

Ramasare Gautam says:

Make a video on backpacker coins

Mohammed Arbaz8 says:

Pls mr dhruv rathee can u make a vedio about crypto currency’s full details n info how to use it
Thank you

kowshik ks says:

This video is made for diversion purposes only 😂😅
Rocking star Yash fans , attendance please

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