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The initial coin offering, or ICO, has become the hot new strategy for companies to raise capital through the issuing of digital tokens. What makes it so popular? CNBC’s Xin En Lee finds out.


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Daniel Waters says:

I have an idea for an ICO. PI would have 3.14159… tokens and less is more. I.T. would calculate the value of pi and award the ones helping to calculate. It's blockchain would be pi too. If it became currency the number would be calculated more precisely than anywhere else.
Get a hold of me if you want to help create

TmarketingGo says:

I know a social network like Facebook and Instagram that gives you its own token to free

for liking and advertising

By attracting each member by you, it gives fifty EPCOIN tokens

I have evidence that such a token exists on several sites

I always try to follow the facts

I want to create a marketing team and we advertise for real companies and get our salary in tokens

من یک شبکه اجتماعی مانند فیس بوک و اینستاگرام را می شناسم که رمز خود را به صورت رایگان در اختیار شما قرار می دهد

برای پسندیدن و تبلیغات

با جذب هر عضو توسط شما ، پنجاه نشانه ای پی کوین می دهد

من شواهدی دارم که چنین نشانه ای در چندین سایت وجود دارد

من همیشه سعی می کنم واقعیت ها را دنبال کنم

من می خواهم یک تیم بازاریابی ایجاد کنم و برای شرکت های واقعی تبلیغ می کنیم و حقوق خود را به صورت توکن دریافت می کنیم


Victor Truong says:

How come you would have made 13.2 times your initial investment if 80% of ICOs are scam ? Pumps and Dumps ?

pastor franko says:

I bought some credit card from *Leopinhack*on telegram and it was quite real and alll his card were valid

Yakshagana realm says:

Excellent video

Jai Agarwal says:


JosevEje TV says:

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Ricky S. says:

I think Tokens and Tickets thought of this year's ago, buy coins, get tickets and more coins, then buy cheap toys

Daan Verfaillie says:

Always be careful with ICOs. There's too many scams out there 😅! From the 5 ICOs I invested in, only 1 turned out successful (Nauticus Exchange). They're still doing great during the bear market! They're also doing 99.9% off of fees for this month!

Bùi Hưng says:

Very good video, easy to understand

Davide Mattiuzzo says:

World's *third largest cryptocurrency since yesterday

Nakib Rahman says:

what are the references?

Bogdan Spataru says:

Finally found my dissertation topic, thanks!

ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ says:

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Doppelter Regenbogen says:

I got a good app. It shows me the good ICO's. DM me if you are interested. Or send me an email marti-leo@outlook.de

Keerthi N says:

COTI ICO REview- https://coti486949940.wordpress.com/

MyDearKyoKun says:

Very good explanation, thank you!

Rajat Pungaliya says:

this is a bubble that is bound to burst

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