What Is Ethereum? – An Investigation (w/ Raoul Pal, Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin, and more)

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What is Ethereum? What problems was Ethereum created to solve? What might Ethereum become in the future? ‘Ethereum an Investigation’ attempts to answer these questions. This 90-minute documentary includes clips from interviews with key figures working on the core Ethereum protocol, as well as projects that utilize Ethereum in their business cases. The documentary features interviews with Ethereum cofounder, Vitalik Buterin, ConsenSys CEO, Joe Lubin and other key figures including Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, Hudson Jameson, Community Manager at the Ethereum Foundation, and Paul Brody, Principal & Global Blockchain Leader at EY. Commentary and analysis are provided by Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO, Ash Bennington, Real Vision crypto editor, and Alex Saunders founder and CEO of Nuggets News. The roster of expert guests is rounded out by Witek Radomski, CTO and cofounder of Enjin, Preston Van Loon, cofounder of Prismatic Labs and Ethereum protocol developer, and David Hoffman, RealT chief of operations. Key Learnings: Several years after Ethereum’s inception, many of the most exciting projects in the ecosystem are no longer theoretical but are now live in production and competing for fee generation. We are no longer in the realm of theory. Ethereum has created an open source, permissionless financial revolution, where even major players in traditional finance, which are known to be protective of their own proprietary code, algos, and models, are now contributing directly to Ethereum’s open-source code base. The next phase of Ethereum — ETH 2.0, which has now been initiated — will increase the value proposition, provide yield to ETH holders, and reduce the cost of security.

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What Is Ethereum? – An Investigation (w/ Raoul Pal, Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin, and more)

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Real Vision Finance says:

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Dominic Chaloult Lavoie says:

When ETH will reach the POS, we will see the full power of the network.

keith conti says:

etherum pushed by banks a few years ago to pretend to be crypto cheaper thus making it valueable by belief only..

Nikolas X says:

Im not only excited about the future of Ethereum but I'm also looking forward to the future of Cardano. Its foundation is stronger in my opinion.

Kodi Dude says:

I think one of the major issues with the "traditional" financial banking system is with how we pay as consumers which the FinTech platform solves, which is the credit/Debit card/ Check <– You are basically giving out your private key with every transaction. We have a banking system that acts as the central authority today, and there are times they will lock your card when they see suspicious fraudulent activity, and this system is just broken as it causes inconveniences. When the problem itself is with its own design. I don't see "Banks" in the future, not like how they exist today. I see no purpose for them outside of leverage, but this space will bring in more than just institutions. The direction smells like Exchanges replacing Banks or becoming the same with the latest news that the US wants to stop/prevent folks from having their own cold storage wallet. "Forcing" someone to hold their value on an exchange is a bit of nonsense.

Harry Heart says:

The fees are RIDICULOUS tho. 20 bucks of gas to swap one ERC-20 token for another. It's absolutely ludicrous and I wonder why this isn't being adressed at all. It's utterly unusable at this point due to excrutiatingly high gas fees!

a j Stephenson says:

Bitcoin is a digital swiss army knife, Etherium is a smart phone, XRP is a Quantum computer.
Each has its use, but one is magnitudes more powerful.

a j Stephenson says:

Raoul is absolutely correct about half way through. This space is filled with tech head engineers talking gobbledygook. The space needs Educators illustrations and analogy creatives. We cant see the forest for the trees yet! employ some creatives, less technerds. Edison's light bulb moment came when he demonstrated his light bulb. Immediate mass adoption. If these people want the same adoption some light bulb demonstrations are needed. Create content that demonstrate to people why they need to adopt this Now!
Stop talking start demonstrating. Any takers?

Youtuber001 says:

Liar u dont have vitalik in . A scam just like your site asking $300 to sign up

a j Stephenson says:

so bitcoin is gold a heavy metal that takes incredible amounts of energy time labour and cost to extract, but may be a reasonable store of value. Etherium is a gold smith building sculpting moulding base metal into more attractive useable items and trinket's. But its still built out of heavy metals dug out of the ground at increadible cost incredibly slowly. But has now decided to try to gold plate stuff instead in eth 2.0 desparately trying to speed up production whilst reducing costs by reducing overall value and security. Whilst XRP is silicon cheap widly available and increadibly usable in multiple microchip applications. Are we headed back to the dark ages? or into the future and beyond. Gold ? Gold plate ? or Microchips?

lynch Kenna says:

Thanks Sharon for connecting me to smithjuli on telegram I got my too just off recent it cool legit no she’s great💯

Shannon Baron says:

Bitcoin absolutes worry me, I guess it is all marketing from these people to pump the interest, however, we all know "They" have it all planned, Bitcoin is a enigma and a lie so it's not as decentralized as we all think or hope. I wouldn't be surprised if it mooned this market and by 2025/26 the market cap is so large it is pumped in mass media all 2025, if this happens sell asap, "They" are talking about cyber attacks and the attacks have started, everything online is hackable. "They" want the middle class poor or equal to the poor, this is how they do it. Sorry Peter may be right…lol

Jeff Welker says:

My conception of this space is this. The Sun is BTC and Eth is planet earth. The other tokens/projects are planets competing with Earth/ Eth?

Jeff Welker says:

Look guys, this is all moving forward and will not be stopped! The global financial system is really broken!

Jeff Welker says:

Totally accurate summary of ETH!

StickerMigTigger says:

Funny to watch a billionaire only own one (or a set of the same) t-shirt. What a lot of RVF videos and you'll see what I mean. 🙂

Socrates_The_Great says:

Thanks for the video. Crypto truly makes the world a better place.

Dave Fitz says:

Guys, love your content but those ads are just bad editing. I wouldn't mind the ad – but why cut off what someone is saying? My respectful feedback would be to weave the ads in more naturally…I don't think it would affect whether or not I go to your site. If anything, I'm inclined not to go now.

Ilyas Cetin says:

Sergey nazarov is satoshi nagamoto chainlink

prashanthigirl says:

That noise between segments is effing horrendous. Content is great as usual.

karim madjido says:

FACTS! Raoul. ETH will be bigger then BTC in Market Cap in the End because It's simply a superior Technology which can build things with "Smart Contracts" that BTC simply can't. Period. Great interview Stream! Thank you.

kathleen smith says:

Ethereum is years away from scaling — Vitalik says this — Start looking at projects like Polkadot Web 3.0 (created by Gavin Wood – Ethereum Co-founder)- it is a relay chain that allows information to flow between all the different block chains. Polkadot is amazing and you should be looking into it now — It can already scale, it has a live test net and all the infrastructure Ethereum needs and will have difficulty getting. Very difficult to go from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Bottom Line – right now Ethereum still can not effectively scale. Follow the developers they show the way.

D Templman says:

Excellent I will have my son listen @ 39:00 about gaming

Michel Bosman says:

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Johannes Faure-Brac says:

Interviewer is a rare kind of professionnal, being prepared, clear and to the point in an elegant fashion. Same with Alex and Raoul, all very literate about the space. Thx for the quality guys

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