What is the Avalanche Network? AVAX Explained with Animations

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Avalanche is a unique crypto network that allows people to actually create their own subnets of blockchains for any use they see necessary. This means businesses, governments, and even teams can create public or private projects using the AVAX network and consensus mechanism.

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Crypto Today says:

Video on ICP?

소나무(WM) says:

is it possible to think that the primary is layer 1 and subnet is the layer 2 for the structure of avalanche?

md farina says:

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Kryptstar Crypto says:

Avax is the blockchain of kings!. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

yataro okayama says:

No , i prefer Cardano – Ada in the long term instead

8 koi says:

Gotcha, so Avalanche is liie React and LABS is like Next.js

greyshark123 says:

Pls advise a wallet that supports bnb, doge, avax, cardano. Thanks

Samuel B. says:

So you mean Avalanche could be a tool for governments to control us and centralize all the blockchains, right ? "The validator should have a licence" Isn't it the ancient world before the blockchain ?

Ethereal Crypto says:

Avax is the blockchain of kings!. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

Crypto-Lex says:

Avax is the blockchain of kings!. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

Komik Adam says:

AVAX (avalanch) coin with a maximum supply of 720 million and Prof.Dr. With the contributions of Mr. Emin, it will reach $ 600 at the end of the year. Not so much after 2 years, AVAX will be used in many online and card purchases in many Country. Type aside…

Chris Foreman says:

Avax is the blockchain of kings!. Keep up the good work buddy 🙂

Digital Nomad On FIRE says:

EVM compatibility isn't "smart" it's an obvious trade-off. Sure people can easily move their Smart Contracts to AVAX, they can also easily move them off again.

Rudolf Safranko says:

Please make a video about pulsechain and pulsex.

Hoi Kin Cho says:

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christina vongphit says:

Love your net work help me learn a lot and still learning

CroEscobar says:

I ❤ whiteboard crypto 🚫🧢

Escape the Matrix says:

You produce great videos. Thanks.

stiltonmemes says:

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George Brandly says:

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Mario Schroder says:

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Britney David says:

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Rob V says:

can each subnet really have its own consensus model? don't they all use avalanche consensus?

Mitchell Contact Cyber_Agency on telegram says:

I have no word to thank you, I want you to know that I will never forget what you did for me with your service you so trusted..❤️

quoccuong cao says:

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Yasinzaii says:

There are shit load of ADS in this video

Al Farnese says:

Thank you for video 🧐

Jarrod Wilkins says:

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