What Kevin O'Leary Just Said About Ethereum and Why It's Headed to $40,000

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is bullish on Ethereum and James Wang, ex Ark Analyst, thinks it’s headed to $40,000.

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xenomorph84 says:

Haha banks have zero interest!
They are doomed 🤣

TheBeav30 says:

ETH is the new financial settlement layer for the world. Ethereum’s TAM 100s of trillions and growing.

Khan Aviation says:

Made my first ETH purchase last month. I am happy :). It's been upwards and I plan on getting more.

Boris Krestianinov says:

How do you think, will Eth market go bearish before July 2021?

Andy J says:

Since you are delirious, Ethereum can go to the moon if …

Mike Ehrmantraut says:

Oh so Kevin is an expert now?? Ha, give me a break, where was he last bull/bear markets? crickets 🦗 and for the record Kev, originally LTC is the silver, ETH was called the oil (not that I believe in those associations).

Benjamin Wesley says:

Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes

Angel Moreno says:

I have 1 ETH and 4.5 Litecoin 😬

Therese Wheeler says:

I can’t open outlet savings . They don’t do in hawaii . It sucks

gongjo says:

wow thats close to 50,000 canadian

Weekly Coach says:

I just have 3 Eth. Hope to invest more.

Sachin Sharma says:

Ethereum and Polygon.

Nick H says:

Unbelievable!!!!!! GREAT,GREAT!!! Thank You !!! Mr. Clayton.👍 I did watch this update 2 times..

KryptoKurd says:

I have 5 I’m trying to get to 10

Venus says:

Bought at 2080 I was just about to sell but having second thoughts now

Jeremy Bonham says:

I got 6 Eth now and looking to add more

The Brotha says:

screw it, im putting all my life savings in, hopefully that satisfies my gambling needs

diegog121291 says:

Etherium is more of digital oil. LiteCoin is more of digital silver.

OG Crypto says:

Oleary is a parrot people who have been in the space are way ahead of him 40k Eth is nothing new

TomicaLaShelle says:

I hope so 😏 40,000 let’s go 🚀🚀🚀

Dipesh Sahota says:

I was thinking 10k EOY 2022
Now I'm thinking 15k to 20k…
And I'm OK with that

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