WHAT THE F#@K IS HAPPENING TO ETHEREUM? (prediction & chart)

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00:00 summary
01:05 btc analysis
04:05 ethereum analysis
07:15 altcoin updates
08:15 traditional markets
09:20 summary
09:50 kraken bs
11:09 book giveaway

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Kenny Josh says:

I am taking by investment lifestyle to the next level and that has been possible because I got into bitcoin trading and it has been an amazing experience 😊

henki trop says:

Thanks for the great content! keep it up! We love you ♡

Nathanel says:

Great info. I think for most companies, the volatility of BitC0in is a deterrent to getting on board in a s!gnificant way. Most compan!es manage their liquid asset very carefully. I know of some that will buy insurance to protect against currency variations. So, to get any part of their cash into ฿₮₵ might be too risky for them. The technology is great. And as it stabilizes, I think more will get on board. But for now, few will be in a position to appreciate those huge swings.. I would say ƚradıภg has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 8฿₮₵ in just few weeks, with the ƚradıภg stra:tegy provided by expert AC Morgan IV who runs someprograms for whoever lacks understanding on how ƚradıภg BitC0in works, to help them utilise the volatility of the crypt0 mar:ket and also stack up more bitcoin. His methods are top notch and pɾ0fi†abIe. Morgan is on +1 (715) 227-4793 or ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @MorganIV to start ƚradıภg.

Holly Paul says:

Intriguing video, am fortunate to have invested with a professional broker Mrs Esther Lawrence during the past covid-19 pandemic which has birthed multiple streams of income for me today.

Simply Human says:

ETH's days are numbered.

Elliot Payne says:

Great video 🙂

Joe User says:

charts show nothing before hand. only after.

Tom Clark says:

Sooo we should mine Ethereum?

Tommy Bisbicos says:

Great video … slowly getting the hang of things

Rodger Petrik says:

Naeem, thanks for doing these videos. I always gain a lot of insight for your TA. I have a general TA question for you. It looks like this correction has reset the RSI's into normal territory on most shorter time frame charts. But for example, the RSI's for the Monthly timeframes are still above 70. Does RSI apply at those higher timeframes in the same fashion? Or, do you just not worry about it. Thanks. Keep the videos coming!

brooklyn says:

Gemini should be fine for only trading BTC and ETH right? In terms of volume?

brooklyn says:

Love the way you explain things. I am beginning to understand so much more because of what a great teacher you are. Thank you!!!

Elvin Toro says:


Nichole says:

As always great content. Sorry you were affected by the liquidation but glad you are making it up quickly. I'm green at investing but have dug in to learn as much as I can. Thanks again for these videos.

Julio says:

No sympathy for these over leveraged day traders. Get rekt for creating this market volatility

Jacob Merwin says:

Wish I would of sold eth at 2500 cad and bought back in at 1700 this morning 😭😭😭

Tim Apple says:

It's just the beginning! Wish I could tell my family to invest, they wouldn't listen tho

Thanabodin Sornsadang says:

I wouldn't call that "exactly as predicted" it's what might would happen "if" it breaks the support and any trader can call it.

Paul Kang says:

Someone or some group came in and manhandled the crap out of our market. I don’t like the traditional market because of what happened with gme and robinhood but this is just as bad. Value of everything has completely been destroyed

Abdul Forex & Investing says:

No need for any technical analysis. It's a clear manipulation and also a sell off by miners to rekt many traders. Many of us got liquidated and got margin calls. Billions of dollars of retail traders investors already lost !

Classic Drip Rob says:

10 Years from Now Bitcoin and Ethereum Holder's Will be Rich minor Set back for Major Comback 💵💵💰💰💰💰🖐🏿🖐🏿💎

Frost Company says:

BNB holders: "first time?"

SETV says:


Narciso Chavez says:

kraken could have easily taken advantage of that liquidation and drop in ethereum

Scott D says:

What happened to ethereum?
What happened to bitcoin in 2018

Ronaldo YouTubing says:

If people are going invest crypto has to show promise it will hold people’s value

DexMASTER94 says:

Bought mine for 1250 in January. Im in for long term invest, so im holding it.

jin kim says:

time to buy more eth!

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