What You Need To Know About Ethereum 2.0

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Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain went live in December. CoinDesk Reporter William Foxley explains the significance of this event and how you can track the network’s progress.

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EgCh says:

We had been saying for years XRP has raised many redflags, legal uncertainties and questions regarding its centralized token that be may be regarded as security. Even if XRP is being adopted by the banks, its velocity will push the price down. The reason why XRP has such high market cap is because of the whales. 70% of token are being controlled by few whales. XRP are tokens used for pump and dump to gain from the retailers. And the gains from the retailers was used to bribe the authorities and for self-individual expenses. How can the communities not see this is beyond by my understanding?

Invest wisely on a token that had decentralization nature like Bitcoin, and Cardano. Don't be so set in your mind, it's not XRP that will kill you financially, it's your closed-mindedness and XRP workshipping mindset. Just like the EOS folks who never understood what we were saying 2 years ago, and look at where they are today. They lost the trust of the people because of its centralization approach that it did not align with the blockchain principles – which one of the key element is 'decentralization'

Pandemic has led us into crypto revolution. People are using crypto as part of the social movement in changing the status quo and keep a check and balance on the government from stealing their purchasing power. And at this turbulent time, people are looking for a safe heaven, one of it is the Bitcoin.

The better way and safely to put your money in is also to invest in long-term on

– decentralized smart contract platform that would not be regarded as 'security' that may have legal implications ( example XRP and EOS have legal implication due to its centralization nature )

– a decentralized platform that has its utility token to run the network to get the dapps running.

1) Bitcoin was not designed to run any smart contract/Defi application and Ethereum doesn't have limited supply – since there is no scarcity, its appreciation may not be great in long run.

2) Cardano has limited supply and halving like Bitcoin and that it can be used to write better and more secured dApps / Defi app in its smart contract platform than Ethereum. Adding to that, Cardano is more decentralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined.You can almost say, Cardano = Bitcoin + Ethereum. You can watch it here why is that – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA1CLEGvZgM

As utility token is not speculative in nature, hence its price can be more sustainable in long run with big potential upside due to the various decentralization applications that will be built and run on the top of the blockchain.

When Defi and dApp take off and have mass adoption in the coming years, Cardano is no longer an option but it's a security choice one has to make. We know any dapps that run on top of a smart platform would involve risk of dollar and cents, anyone who is technical sensible person would not want to build a dapp on a platform that has been experimented on the go and still is. The gas fee(s) in Ethereum are costing people an arm and leg now. You can also sense Ethereum' foundation is shaky and not to mention the number of security incidents in the past, that the Ethereum platform itself has opened up several vulnerabilities – dapps were hacked as result of its flaw, and you wouldn't know what comes out next and fall apart again.

Yes Ethereum has the first mover advantage, but that would not be the reason people would consider in building useful and mission critical application on it, especially once the blockchain space get more mature and people can have a better grasp on the pros and cons of it and appreciate the security and scalability aspects of it. The ethereum fans can bend the reality as much as they want, but at the end of the day, they won't be able to change the fact that Cardano was designed on the outset for building mission critical applications with high-assurances on the security and scalability aspects. Its protocol says it all, if you look at it, IOHK was very assured on its technical protocol Quoroboros design. Over the last 3 years they never once changed its stance on the protocol design approach and how its distribution mechanism should run at its foundation level, they only reuse the previous designed protocol and iterate it in making it better. It shows at the technical foundational level that it's a very solid design and they were very assured about it, unlike Ethereum2.0. If the security was one of the reasons why Institutional Investor put their in bitcoin, then I can't see why the investors would not choose Cardano over Ethereum within the next 12 months.


Great video good job to all involved 🙏😃

f0rmat says:

Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

Randal Elesha says:

Hello everyone and merry Christmas🎄. Love your analysis👍. Shocking! How Bitcoin has recovered within the past few months, Bitcoin's price got to $20,000 a week ago proving most speculations made by trade experts and others that has been going on for months now to be true. If it is true as they say it is that means he asset has started a bullish tendency and investors are all excited at this breakthrough. Seeing this i think the price will probably breakout to maybe $25,000 📈📈📈by next week seeing that it is selling currently at the rate of $23,300 and this is the right time to trade and make profits. And with the right signals to trade with, you could make exponential profits in the bitcoin market. With my progress on my trading journey and the signals i get daily from Mr Richard Baker i have made up to 40% profit in the past six weeks and observing the breakout, i'll eventually make more profits. Richard is someone i trust with my investments and i will strongly✅✅✅ recommend those in need of help mostly the beginners in the market cause this is not the time to fold hands and wait on what is not coming instead take advantage of the breakout. Try reaching out to Mr Richard today on either his tlegram @Richardtrading or wtsapp @+447482862366 Both are active and working. All what you need is just a DM away from you and i hope you grab the opportunity. Good luck…

Daniel Todd says:

As a newbie I started investing with the. Aid of my account manager Mr Awal, after 4 days of investing $1500 last night I was able to withdraw $13,700 to my wallet all thanks to her. You can contact him on Instagram _SAPYTHON_1 so you don't lose your money.

Alberto D says:

One of the key problems is not to have enough entrepreneurs involved to make startups to solve real problems.

Eric Courtois says:

I'm buying the ETH dip.

Jasper de Jong says:

Great explaining and questions!

Lucia Shaniya says:

I'm Single 😍😥

Noah Liadi says:

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Noah Liadi says:

When I meet hackerjhope on telegram I never been broke❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Bantal Guling says:

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Bantal Guling says:

IF you haven’t heard of hackermiller22 on telegram YOU MUST HAVE BEEN MISSING ALOT

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