What's Happening With Bitcoin?

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It’s been a volatile few months for bitcoin. In January 2021, it surged past $40,000 a coin but has since fallen sharply from its record high. Skeptics worry bitcoin is in a bubble, but Wall Street giants like Citi and JPMorgan think the cryptocurrency still has a lot of room to run higher.

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What’s Happening With Bitcoin?


Joe McCreary says:

BitCoin is valuable because it's a trustless, autonomous, cryptographicly protected network. That's the value for god sake get it right. lol

Mat G says:

CNBC was trashing Bitcoin in 2017, but now they want to be fair and positive?! If CNBC is positive about Bitcoin, it's because some(or a lot)of their financial overlords are in deep! Buy the dip!

Alejandro Reyes says:

And here we go into another bubble. When people think they are smarter than Mr. Buffett, we´re in a bubble.

Ricky Deluca says:

BREAKING NEWS!!! Kronos Advanced Technologies will now ACCEPT DOGECOINS AS PAYMENTS for air purifiers and PPE supplies. Dogecoins is no longer a JOKE!!!!! Do yourself a favor and look it up!!!

Nitin Maheshwari says:

Remember gold tulip bubble of europe in the 17th century. It is just that but on a much bigger scale.

Nitin Maheshwari says:

Our field of finance is evolving, just backwards

Naohiro Kameda says:

China owns the majority bitcoin fyi

jash daftary says:

It's pricy because people believe it💀💀💀

Alejandro Reyes says:

The day we trade stocks in Bitcoin instead of dollars I will believe it is the end of the USD

SaeedAhmad says:

Venezuelan Dollar had full backing from a central gov't who was rich in oil, look what happened now, they're using gold and silver (and USD) as currency, you think this wouldn't happen to USA?

Hiroka Akita says:

Sorry CNBC. I don't trust in you anymore since what happened with $GME.

Eric Mok says:

Why are we surprised the same billionaires who publicly shunned Bitcoin 3 years ago decided to scoop up Bitcoin after it crashed.


It's not too early or not to late to buy Bitcoin now.
We are going to $500K now.

Kenton202 says:


Ester jully says:

l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
comment below
let's gooooo

Gurucharan Prabhu says:

Once these corporates know middle class earning , they just play unfair game of blocking middle class to purchase the stocks/coins 👎🏻🤬

Tony K says:

People seem to forget Bitcoin will never be allowed to challenge the dollar. The US government and military will never allow that to happen.

czanel says:

Wrong title. Nothing about what's happening rather old redirected news. No EUREKA here

chris jennings says:

cnbc should do an American greed episode in cryptocurrency

Jorge Bravo says:

Oh! Come on! Bitcoins are worth less than Tesla? Of course an ethereal currency that does nothing on its own is gotta be more valuable than all those factories and cars and people that exist in real life…

rrr raa says:

Lets go to Mars and legalize cryptocurrency;))

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