Which will come first: $300k Bitcoin or $9k gold? – Florian Grummes

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If Bitcoin retraces $20,000 and falls below that key support level, then “something is wrong” said Florian Grummes, managing director of Midas Touch Consulting.

In the medium term, investors can expect the price to touch $50,000 to $100,000, with the current bull cycle targeting $300,000 a coin, Grummes said.

“If Bitcoin does the same thing in the last bull market in 2016 and 2017, we’re going to $320,000 this time,” he said.

0:00 – Bitcoin’s bull case
6:40 – Bitcoin’s floor
8:08 – Bitcoin vs gold, which climbs faster?
11:08 – Gold price outlook
13:23 – Inflation
17:04 – Altcoins
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David Feder says:

I would speculate the #1 appreciating asset of 2021 with be the crypto called HEX, it was the #1 most appreciating digital asset in 2020 last year

s ladwig says:

7th grade math and civics-By the numbers;
Federal, State and local Government, police, media, intelligence, teachers, professors, including military workers in America = 35.5 million out of a 157 million person workforce. 1 out of every 4.4 workers in America works for tax dollars.
@rsladwig. Public Domain

Strizza Oner says:

Be careful with eth there is a lot of smaller alts coming with a lot better technology

Strizza Oner says:

Great interview as usual

hans franz says:

Bitcoin has no value

On 9 Plus S Max Turbo says:

Govt won't allow gold to rise to 9k

Sami Boy says:

Really i love your show; You're so eloquent personality and brought fruitful questions ……. it's helpful and always update the current market situation…. Keep going David!!!

Aerial imaging net says:

Bitcoin all the way and Ethereum and soon the 3rd generation Coins

Austin Erdman says:

BTC no doubt

shoryukenpower says:

I was semi listening to this interview until I heard the question "So what is bitcoin? Safe haven, speculation, like gamestop, like gold?" and his answer was "It's all those things. You just need to be part of this thing."

Ron Wiebe says:

Bitcoin=greater fool theory – and we have a lot of fools – HIVE is a good proxy but stay liquid


The titles of these videos are irresponsible. Not biased at all!

Michael Reilly says:

Gold, then silver

AdamKays says:

If shit hits the fan does anyone really believe a government will allow gold/ silver/ Bitcoin to undermine their currency?

Kyle Butler says:

Great Guest 👍🏻 Good Interview!

Andrew M says:

David Lin is the man!

Srt typ says:

Re: GLD vs Crypto

Gold be ending on a negative note by years end. 2020 was the year for gold. Bitcoin will explode upward by years end.

Regards –

Srt typ says:

……………..> oil & coin.

After newly appointed SEC Chair Gensler's policies surrounding crypto become clearer, it will slowly start to rise again.

Crypto in neutral gear at the moment.

Regards –

Anderson Hurt says:

Wao! bitcoin hitting world monetary market thanks to mr Fxjohnson for involving me into this tremendous business

Kswiss702 Stacker says:

This guy knows what he is talking about! Pay attention 👌🏻

Yulia's Yoga says:

Bitcoin will drop to zero if its outlawed like in India..

shawn wright says:


Vladislavs Dovgalecs says:

It is simply dollar worth less and less; faster than one would like.

sam Iaint says:

The best performing asset is $600 and $1400 stimulus checks!

dlukton says:

Gold will continue a steady march higher; but bitcoin will get to $300K well before gold gets to $9,000.

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