Why Anthony Scaramucci is betting on crypto: 'Bitcoin is in its early innings'

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CNBC’s Scott Wapner talks with Anthony Scaramucci, founder and co-managing partner of Skybridge, about why he’s betting big on bitcoin. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on bitcoin and more: https://cnb.cx/2BT2E7y

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Adam Mcgrath says:

This guy is a sleeze ball

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Alex K says:

There are a few ppl whose decisions I see and then immediately do the opposite.. the mooch is one of them

Michael Middleton says:

trump sell-out! F that guy! Merry Xmas!

x_factor says:

Grayscale needs to buy some airtime on fox. Who owns the CNBC contract?

orris Lemke says:

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eskay agar says:

chamath palhipatya and Katie woods have ben advocate of bitcoin since 2013. anothny is too late to the party

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Russo R says:

This guys is all BS.

James Farley says:

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Mr G. says:

Scaramucci Is a scammer. buy bitcoin, you don't need this guy


Right on Anthony

Brian E5349 says:

What kind of moron invests in nothing?

Whiz Editor says:

Buying the top is not gonna be an option for me. The recent pump in the price of Bitcoin has attracted many new adopters in the space. But at the moment, the crypto market seem to be down generally which could be as a result of the Christmas event. I personally see this as an opportunity to long in for the most promising ones: $FIS and $BTC only!

MoneyOverFame says:

A lot of institutional money coming in🚀.

Руслан Печніков says:

Bitcoin is financial masterpiece.

Alexei Bucos says:

The mooch is desperate:D

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Adam H says:

These guys are unloading on you fools. It's a bull trap. Tether is being investigated for fraud and when exposed Bitcoin will crash just like xrp. You all have been warned!

The Eyeman says:

He recently was putting bitcoin down , why the change?

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