Why Ethereum (ETH) is a better investment than Bitcoin RIGHT NOW

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This Ethereum video explores the various reasons the eth price is positioned to outperform Bitcoin in 2021. #ethereum #eth

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Crypto Ride says:

Community Question: Do you believe that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in 2021?

Marcus Fenchurch says:

I buy bitcoin at good rate
Fast and reliable

gcam474 says:

Is anyone revisiting alt white-papers for exposure to possible “securities” classification and thus potential regulatory speed bumps or worse – LINK? ADA? XLM? And what about DeFi projects exposure to regulatory threats? Would be interested in a video covering these types of concerns. If that’s allowed.

Steger 13 says:

in don't think so because all coins fallow BTC if BTC go up the rest go up, if it gos down the rest fallow.

Roberto Chaparro says:

10k-15k 2021

good guy says:

Why not ride btc up then swap to eth when ethbtc trend changes

Glenn Siva says:

When will Ethereum go to $30K?

Keebs says:

I think ETH will be at 1500 by the end of 2021

Adamu Yusuf says:

Please I need a recommendation on how to invest in Ethereum.

Mon_ruo says:

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Eternal Cryptoptimist says:

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Roffoli Animates Stuff says:

If they want people to buy Ethereum, they shouldn’t hijack skyper

Lara Aniston says:

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan.

Ashton Hinnant says:

Thinking I should buy more eth right now at 610.. what are your thoughts? Idk if it will hit 500

Raymond Key says:

Bitcoin is the base value layer….as anyone in tech knows the network layer Ethereum will have far more value in the long run. It is an ecosystem. Maximalists do not understand this.

Club Bonfire Productions says:

I believe that big money will stay in Bitcoin and will not rotate into the alts. The game has absolutely changed with institutional money coming in. Crypto has gone institutional. I would stay ONLY with the top four coins going forward. IMO of course….

Grizzly Addams says:

If you don't see ETH at ATLEAST 2k… You're SMOKING CRACK!

mike robinson says:

Ethereum :- Some ETH Tokens are going to be burned when it approaches ETH2.0
causing a reduction in the Max Supply therefore an increase in value . The move
from proof of work to proof of stake is going to take two years , so by 2022
1 ETH2.0 might be worth $10,000 .

Desmond Clarke says:

Lordnikon_57 on IG. DM him for your Bitcoin hack. A trial will convince you.

Desmond Clarke says:

Lordnikon_57 on IG. DM him for your Bitcoin hack. A trial will convince you.

Metal Bum says:

Ethereum will out pace everything. Including bitcoin. This year. Eth

Jeff Laitila says:

ETH may hit 1, 800 by mid March


Smart money is setting up for ethereum 🦄

EgCh says:

When Defi and dApp take off and have mass adoption in the coming years, Cardano is no longer an option but it's a security choice one has to choose. We know any dapps that run on top of a platform would involve dollar and cents, anyone technical sensible person would not want to build a dapp on a platform that has been experimented on the go and still is. The gas fee(s) in Ethereum are costing people an arm and leg now. You can sense Ethereum' foundation is shaky and not to mentioned the number of security incidents in the past, that the platform itself has opened up several vulnerabilities – dapps were hacked as result of its flaw, and you wouldn't know what comes out next and fall apart again. Yes Ethereum has the first mover advantage, but that would not be the reason people would consider in building useful and mission critical application on it, especially once the blockchain space get more mature and people can have a better grasp on the pros and cons of it. The ethereum fans can bend the reality as much as they want, but at the end of the day, they won't be able to change the fact that Cardano was designed on the outset for building mission critical and high-assurance applications. Its protocol says it all, if you look at it, IOHK was very assured on its technical protocol Quoroboros design. Over the last 3 years they never once changed its protocol approach on how distribution mechanism should run at its foundation level, they only reuse the previous designed protocol and iterate it in making it better. It shows at the technical foundational level, it's very solid and they were very assured in its design, unlike Ethereum2.0. If the security was one of the reasons why Institutional Investor put their in bitcoin, then I can't see why the investors in the future would not choose Cardano over Ethereum.

1) Bitcoin was not designed to run any smart contract/Defi application and Ethereum doesn't have limited supply – since there is no scarcity, its appreciation may not be great in long run.

2) Cardano has limited supply and halving like Bitcoin and that it can be used to write better and more secured dApps / Defi app in its smart contract platform than Ethereum. You can almost say, Cardano = Bitcoin + Ethereum. You can watch it here why is that – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA1CLEGvZgM

Jojo BobaTea says:

I don’t think Etherium will ever go back to $500, but that’s just my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

TIMOTHY smith says:

I got help with my investment with the help of recovery_lord on IG he can help you too

Mon_ruo says:

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Pedro Jot says:

if btc reach 400k than eth can go 80 k

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