Why ICO Is My Favorite Game Of All-Time

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Caleb Lawson discusses why Ico is his favorite game of all-time.


Lemming 998 says:

Shadow Of The Colossus gets more notice, but this is way better IMHO!

LilJelly says:

Ico is a short but amazing game. The hardest part of it for me was getting those damn trophies. Beating the game in under 2 hours is something that I could never do, even if I went fast enough. For anyone wanting to do the no death trophy, the easiest to cheat it is to not continue at every death screen and you will get it easily

Simon Schnelle says:

0:44 That's one of the most interesting things about ICO in hindsight. There is no tutorial for it's mechanic, a bold move and one modern developers could learn from. It's game about hand holding, also not a game about hand holding.


ico is also my favourite game

Dean Tucker says:

You can play on PS now

FelixDied says:

my favorite after the mother series


Ico is also my favorite game

Laura says:

My forever favorite game. 💓

Xervantez Xvi says:

Bring Ico To the Nintendo Switch please

Monsoon says:

'Ico' has such a large place in my heart, it would be my last game if I knew I was going to die.

Taylor's Theory says:

Hey man! Great ICO review. I am working on doing some on my channel also 😀 Love it if you would check it out!

Chunky Kong Gaming says:

Its funny, the website never finished the article so you cant even read the lists.

Kev Page says:

Best game ever for me is a tie. Lords of Midnight and Elite, both on the Commodore 64.

Sean Brogan says:

noone gives a PHUCK who caleb is

flower says:

I think I prefer ico to the shadow of the collosus because I prefer labyrinthine castles to vast lands. the architecture is nicer to look at than a wide land.

Tim Madone says:

Hi Caleb. Maybe it's because up to that point, no other game quite did what "ICO" did. At least not in the way that "ICO" did it. Maybe it's the sound of nature that surrounds you throughout most of the game. Maybe it's the bond you feel with someone you can't verbally communicate with. Maybe it was the fact that a persons life was in your hands. Maybe it's that beautiful song that plays during the end credits. I can't say "ICO" is my all time favorite game. That honor would probably have to go to one of the following games… "Zektor" "Eliminator" "Tempest" "Spiders" "Twisted Metal 2" "D2" "Resident Evil 4" "Shadow Of The Colossus". I pick those games because out of the thousands of games I have played, I put more hours into those than any others. Now if I had to pick just one, I would go with "Zektor" as my all time favorite video game. But if I had to pick the game that I think is one of the best I have ever played…ever….I would probably have to go with "Shadow Of The Colossus" That game really made me feel like I was in that place & time. I never once felt like I was playing a video game. Considering how much game content was on one disc for "Shadow Of The Colossus" & "Resident Evil 4", it's a true testament of just how great the PS2 really was. Both games played flawlessly with no glitches whatsoever. Yes some frame rate issues were present, but certainly nothing to complain about when you consider how much those two games pushed the hardware at the time. Now that "Shadow Of The Colossus" & "ICO" can be played with an HD up grade, everyone can see the true beauty of both games. I've heard some people complain about how plain & colorless the landscape is. But I don't think those people really took the time to appreciate just how much detail both games have to offer. If I had just one complaint about the HD collection, it's the fact that Yorda talks over the song. I know it's only one or two words, but it still annoys me. That's one thing that makes the American PS2 release of "ICO" better. On the other hand, it's about the only thing. Some have also complained that the HD collection made some parts of both games more difficult. Quite honestly I don't really agree with that. If it is true, I did not notice any difference other than the fact you can't side jump in order to climb up to the secret garden. But I'm glad they changed that. If you want to go into the secret garden, you should have to earn it. Having said all of that, "ICO" is a wonderful game & will definitely remain in my top 21 games of the 21st century for as long as I am alive. 🙂

BlaizeV says:

Just finished this game for the first time. Enjoyed it alot and it's definitely a great game. Though all the puzzles after the East Gate are really held back by the controls. The solutions to problems remain intuitive at this point but the controls made performing these solutions quite the hassle at times. A shame the HD version didn't address those issues.

Still a great game though

lucifer796 says:

i personally found Ico and SOTC  being extremely boring games and i just absolutely didnt enjoyed either of them… maybe i'm not into those kind of a games

Moe Albader says:

Amazing game

Stank Planks Skate says:

Love this game!


You know you love a game when you start getting emotional when describing how much it means to you.

RPD91 says:

Furst time Ive played it when I was 12. Never finished it, now I have bought the HD collection of ICO & Shadow of the Coluses and enjoying every moment of it.

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