Why the Market is Dropping Today [Stocks, Bitcoin, Tesla]

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Why is Tesla stock falling? Why is Bitcoin falling? Why are stocks falling? Why is the market red? Stock market falling.

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Nicky Jing says:

I Invested in Crypto and stocks but believe me crypto is better than stocks

James Felix says:

Trading with excessive greed and emotion can be risky. While professional traders may make money in such volatile environments, the novice retail trader usually gets stuck at higher levels and has to bear heavy losses. Therefore, traders should keep their greed in check and stick to their trading strategy As hard as it is trading Crypto is way more profitable and is quite logical if you just study the charts and the support resistance and pay attention to what's going on, l ' m not a pro trader but I was lucky enough to make 7.2BTC since late last year following the instructions and s! gnals of Mr. Garric Norman who runs guidance for beginners and investors who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works to help them use the volatility of the crypto market and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily get to him on Telegram (@ garric_norman_fxt) – Reach out and you'll be glad you did

Edward R says:

Stay positive! Buy the dip!!!

mr2wolfD says:

funny i sold tesla at 880….just to put it into gamestop & lose it all lmao

Dom Rome says:


bryan crowe says:

What's the cause of my ETFs being down? I'm new investing in individual stocks

philip dkh says:

Anyone thinks that I should sell nio shares or should buy more ?

scott hayes says:

Kevin has a twin named Keith.

Nxt Utube Star says:

does his course worth buying?

Giraffe Kings says:

Thanks for the update that you are eliminating your margin then I’ll send us alerts when you buys dips . I mean any way we can help would be great . Please go live to people can send you $5 super chats because you need it so badly .

Luke Blankenship says:

Kevin has 99 agility. That’s why he has so much stamina.

Harrybob says:

TY guys finally the delusion is popin' making dough now you guys and kevin are donkeys with this valuation it's time to take profit about 700$ ago. You've been the greater fool, now it's time to be smart.

plung3r says:

All because of Elon's tweet

Cory Hames says:

Kevin – see recent tweets from Michael Burry. Would like to hear you give some commentary on it as it relates to your current thesis.

evadesc says:

The real Kevin is a machine hence the reason for his success. Good job man.

Oliver Hernandez says:

Oil stocks are about to 🚀

Lancaster Irwin says:

Investing in crypto is the only biggest chance of making money…

Chris Dente says:

Kevin what's your plan with Peloton and some of the others you have bought that are so far down?

Mosquito Balls says:

Go look at ZKIN impossible for it to go down if it does ill buy 3x more shares

Mosquito Balls says:

The market is not down u just bought the wrong stocks

Christian Balleza says:

Market Makers are getting revenge lol

UnnamedPerson says:

Guys just hold and wait. Im holding right now ethereum.

Savage Hornpoke says:

Kevin, remember, margin debt is a chain of dominos. Those who sell off their stocks to cover their margin calls, lower the price of the market and cause more people to have to sell off to cover their margin calls…in turn this lowers the prices of stocks again–and again more people find they get margin calls…and it keeps on in this negative feedback loop until no margin debt no matter how small does not remain untouched by the crash. This happened to me in the crash of 1997. The ten year yield is not all that high, so this is going to be a small correction, get ready to buy back in at the low. But even though this is a correction, there is a big crash building in the background. This correction will be a good deal to average your buy in on crypto currency. People are cashing in their crypto to cover their margin calls.

Colocho Ramirez says:

I know what’s happening, I decided to start investing last week, and of course everything is falling

MaximalistTrader says:

Be greedy when others are fearful.. be fearful when others are greedy

Nils Bredin says:

Lock really tired

Taggs00 says:

Hi Kevin are you able to make a video on your thoughts on Argo blockchain $ARBKF

MaximalistTrader says:

Just people taking profits man

Pojo Locko says:

⚠️ sell bitcoin ⚠️ ‼he will fall‼

Jays22b says:

mate adds every 2 minutes!! come on video is 10 mins long

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