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Just Plain Crazy says:

Used to be like 70% but now it's 30%

Nick says:

95% and I think we could hit between 1k-2k by EOY

Radeon says:

Have around 20% of my portfolio invested in LTC. Hopefully LTC could go around 600 dollars this year.

Cary Gordon says:

I have 65% in LTC. I'm looking for a new ATH around $500 by years end.

daniel rickerbaker says:

Chris I know you like ppt, even hold some, I believe…I think defi has big times ahead, it’s getting warmed up!

Josh Weiss says:

At the current price. I have 8.5% LTC. Only have 3 of them. But bought all at $45 so. Not bad. I think the price of this token sort of depends on the banking system. If it suffers it will do very well, if the banks stay intact, it should much smaller gains, but gains none the less.

R James says:

Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving supply shock accelerating down the track…..🌧….β›·

2012 and 2016 halvings signified the arrival of the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges.πŸŽ„

Dobry Dool says:

I have 70% in LTC but by mistake. I hope that this one will pays off

Data Is Amazing says:

100% LTC and $2500 for the peak.

Eddie Sprague says:

70% , 1,000

Janko Giordano says:

25% and 2,500 by the end of the year πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™

Andy Patterson says:

Happy new year buddy!

5% ish ltc. I think we can push over $500 if money printing continues. I also think paypal new buyers will have the mindset of a whole litecoin rather than a bit satoshi

Can you cover cardano at some point plz…

Bison News says:

90% in litecoin…short term $450, EOY $6k…i expect litecoin to blow up

Michael Angelos says:

Bought LTC at $45 and sold it at $100. Now looking for an entry

Crypto 007 says:

2/3 in LTC. I have some other methods of predicting market movement.

TheWealthWatchman says:

Happy new year, brother!

Night 7 says:

Almost zero was dead coin for so long i expect some life in it reach .01 to .014 max in 2021. Tempting to get some now the thing is i dont see it growing more then eth in btc terms. Eth should reach .075 next year thats triple current price. While litcoin will struggle to go over .01 btc

Marcus Hopkins says:

5%.. looking for a double of ATH

Bradley Dye says:

Been with you for a while, great analysis…you’ve really come into your own with confidence.

MrMan says:

I’m 60% in LTC and it’s hard to tell what 2021 will bring. But I think 1200 is a safe target for 2021. I think we reach previous ATH in March.

Andrews Sports says:

had 30%….then you said to sell last wk…now i got 0.

Paul Curtin says:

Happy New Year Brother

Sulaiman Thobani says:

10 % in LTC and 2021 target is 240.00

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