XRP Price Skyrockets, Miami Bitcoin, Buying 12,000 BTC, $16 Billion BTC & Bitcoin Vs Tesla

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K1S0 says:

And without further ado, let's move on !

adolph gracius says:

man, my exchange took like half a day to take my deposit, i missed out on the bottom, managed to get some near 30cents

Lin OVE3 says:

Ripple told a lie that the banks will use xrp.

K S says:

Xrp "rebound" is just crazy ppl trading.
Buy back at 10 cents maybe, after court case.

4K Gaming & Tutorials says:

"Ssssssssssssssssssssssssee you" lol
Merry Christmas TMI

Odseus says:

Bitstamp will halt trading of xrp Jan 8

Phili MAC says:

Merry Christmas TMI…TY for all the intel…

MrDesoto1 says:

So Grayscale, PayPal, etc are singlehandedly de-decentralizing Crypto currencies every day. Which one will become the Ripple of Bitcoin?

nintiwirri says:

Turning into the best Cryptocurrency Youtuber.I saw a bloke say just buy $200 worth of Bitcoin.The only way is up baby for you and me

Steller Jay says:

XRP @ 10 cents, give it time. It should get there.

Smidgeon Pigeon says:

"Batman Forever" 😂😂😂

Ryan Lang says:

"Inception and Batman Forever and all that stuff." LOL

Peter R. says:

I'm not sure if we should all be so happy about all these firms buying up bitcoin everywhere. Especially with the methods they are using… we all get stuck paying retail and they have already found ways to get 10s of thousands of coins without even affecting the price. Isn't this exactly what most of us got into this space to get away from?? This should piss us off, not be celebrated.

Bad Maryi says:

How much money do you need to be rich? What your answer . . .

Nick T says:

Not sure why people were dumping XRP. I mean the smart people dumped it only to buy it back cheaper, making 2 to 5X there XRP bags.
People need to relax about XRP, the SEC will have a difficult time proving anything in there lawsuit. Ripple has a strong case, and hopefully by the end of it XRP is finally and officially deemed as a Currency.

We all know its not a Security!

Yogi DeBear says:

While I would welcome a $.10 XRP as a chance to pick up some deeply discounted XRP why would you be happy with so many people getting destroyed in the collapse of a coin?

J says:

Happy Festivus

Mamacita Linda says:

I can't imagine life without you Hackerzill on !insta they really helped my situation so much time.

kaffy Ales says:

Poverty was kicked out from my home earning with Hackerzill on Insta.

Charles Nnaona says:

Your act of kindness and your service shows how big of a heart you have for others Hackerzill via InstaG.

Marry taylor says:

Wow .. just confirmed 6k_ from Hackerzill via Instagram.

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