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One of the fastest ways that you can multiply your money with cryptocurrency is with an incubator or a launchpad. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you the next 100X Cardano Launchpad that even pays you in ADA tokens just for staking.

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00:00 Multiply your money with an Incubator or Launchpad.
00:59 The next 100X Launchpad
01:45 What is ADAPad?
03:31 How ADAPad works?
05:28 Why 100X potential & Tokenomics
06:32 How to participate in the ADAPad presale
08:30 ADAPad Whitelisting link & TronPad Lottery & ADAPad Airdrop
10:22 Learn more in my online course

So what is the next 1000X Potential Altcoin Gem?


🗒️ Here is my referral link for the ADAPAD Whitelist!

IDO Whitelist on


ADAPad is the next step in our evolution
Cross-chain launches are becoming ‘the new normal’

✅ As the crypto landscape has evolved to include more and more blockchains, most projects now begin their initial planning based on the assumption that they will launch on multiple blockchains and/or launchpads. With the resounding success of BSCPad, we are able to cover multiple bases and adding ADAPad to our ecosystem we will be enabled to support new launches on Cardano ecosystem.

📈 Cardano recently announced Alonzo upgrade, which will enable smart contracts and decentralized finance (DEFI) capabilities to the Cardano ecosystem.

🤝 Both BSCPad and TRONPAD have delivered immense value for our early investors, boasting 300x+ ROIs, massive levels of awareness on social media platforms, and several successful launches. The power behind the TRONPAD marketing effort was so big that not only did it trend on Coingecko, Coin Market Cap and Dextools for over a week, but it was also trending on Twitter.

💯 Backed by the full force of the BlueZilla marketing department and large dedicated community and fan base we have built.

💵 Initial TGE Market Cap: $200,000
📅 IDO DATE: September 9th, 2021

👉 #ADAPAD Official links:
▪️Website: https://ADAPad.io
▪️Telegram: https://t.me/Adapadofficial
▪️Telegram Ann: https://t.me/ADAPadAnn
▪️Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADAPadofficial

ADAPad – First deflationary Launchpad for Cardano ecosystem Cardano recently announced Alonzo upgrade, which will enable smart contracts and decentralized finance (DEFI) capabilities to the Cardano ecosystem.

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Gabriel _ Casella says:

Big Taurus Club (NEW COIN)

obehi joy says:

How do one get this Adapad before is launch into market

Make Money Boss says:

Ayy where my future millionaires at?

Le Ville says:

FANTOM exponecial FTM 200X $$$ , the new btc

George Banda says:

Joe help me bro! How do I participate with the IDO if I can’t pass the KYC because I’m US based?


I don't like projects that makes me buy another project coin 😐

Elizabeth K says:

Tetrisdoge makes you addicted to tetris while in the meantime you win dogecoins

Amar Kollari says:

Tetrisdoge is the new shiba 🚀

Black Life Movement says:

Work on you volume. It's the lowest I have seen so far. You got terrific calls but your volume is too low.

King Ace says:

Thank you man!
I got x2 buying Tronpad cause I heard it from you.
You have great contents. 💪

BARCA Reports says:

I'm not convinced. They're bragging about past projects success a lot, but the funny thing is that BscPad performance thus far is avarage at best.

Alberto Gianfreda says:

Joe, you are the best! Kept watching your videos and buying all these projects! Keep it up!!!!!

悉尼提督刘大侠 says:

Anyone can tell me why we need so many launchpads? BSCpad, Tronpad, Kccpad, Ethpad and now ADAPad, they seem just a copy from the original Bscpad. same structure, same whitepaper, and so many same projects. I have put my money in Tronpad, but just curious if this model can last long?

RAGE says:

Where can you buy these? Where do you
Buy alt coins?

Anthony Hampson says:

So basically if you got the money your in 😂

Ek Onkaar Satnaam says:

Can you please have a look in Quarashi network?

chinenye elobuike says:

When and how to get the contract address

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