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Bitcoin! Bitcoin is about to go absolutely crazy! I will do technical!
Analysis on Bitcoin ans tht btc price!
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Butcoin breakout.

Bitcoin broke out as predicted it! It also hit my perfect price target! Now the question is where this bitcoin breakout goes!

Bitcoin is right now attempting the most important breakout! If bitcoin is able to overcome a specific price i mention in the cryptocurrency video blue sky’s are ahead!

However this Btc price resistance is strong! So join me in this crypto video and see what I am looking out for right now for bitcoin and Btc in my technical analysis with speculative price predictions for bitcoinhy


MMCrypto says:

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MMCrypt0’ says:

As eth hit all time high quick survey for. bonuses

Bob Smith says:

Snap out of it goose.

radu popa says:

ICON will be next✌️☠️

Jônatas More says:

Right now Binance official exchanger have a bug

it exchanges BTC to ETH almost x10 rate fully automatic

I posted a video

Miguel Xavier says:

Nakamoto Games, VRA, UFO Gaming, SENSO, KYLIN, DeRace!!

Pɪnned by MMCryptó says:

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zecoya says:

to many people spit on your face that gotta suck

B.leaf. says:

all eyes on Spacechain (SPC) guys!

d-cryptoe says:

1st time comment. I've been watching your vids for several months now. All I can say is you are admired and you inspire. Always a positive attitude. Its obvious by your cryptopunks on the wall that you don't have to spend your time to show us how to use charts the way you have. Much thanks. My alt coin thats popping is $BRISE, check out the week/month charts. There is a bitrise P2P wallet coming out also.Has dropped 2 zeros in a month. Almost a 3rd zero on 10/01, now consolidating, next stop the ISS. I like everything you do, keep it up and thanks.

Robert Cassara says:

Bitcoin in in a pretzel pattern !!! Lol

Ahmed t Baig says:

Today for the Bitcoin price

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