2021 Litecoin Prediction (Top Crypto Project Set For HUGE GAINS)

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Today we are talking about Litecoin and why it could be one of the biggest players in crypto for this bull market… again. The 2017 bull run was led by Bitcoin. But the last bitcoin cycle was the first where we had tons of altcoins in the mix. And some of those altcoins absolutely crushed it. Coins such as Ethereum & XRP steamrolled the competition and became very well known in the crypto space. Litecoin was another coin that many people believe actually brought on the first-ever altcoin season. The question is, can Litecoin do it again?

Today we will be talking all about Litecoin. I’ll give you the latest Litecoin news and discuss this altcoin’s prospects for the next crypto bull cycle. We’ll even give you a little history lesson on previous bull cycles, using that knowledge to predict what will happen during the next one. At the end of the video, I’ll reveal my 2021 Litecoin price prediction.

00:00 Intro
02:00 What is Litecoin and its history
04:55 LTC 2017 and now
07:03 PayPal news
08:34 Ben’t LTC price prediction

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Adnan Habib says:

Is litecoin still reach 1000 dollar end of 2021

TheSaidame says:

Litecoin ez 100k

M says:

Lite coin will 5X on the 11th May

abdullahi muhammad says:

Through the help of klaxonstools. I became so rich

qology182 says:

Bitcoin is digital Gold
Litecoin Is Digital Silver

DarkForce says:

LTC can easily reach $1000 by end of the year

Good Vibrations says:

Great video's dude, always a good vibe and yeah, im buying LTC!

NotYourMom YouSnowflake says:

litecoin is the first altcoin- second oldest crypto. in crypto, old is gold

ارسلان پٹھان says:

i brought ltc for 2k dollar

Taurus Sign says:

What about vet

jdblake22 says:

I've been holding this coin for a few years. Starting to get the itch to sell. HODL the line….. I guess. :-/

Johnny Boy Crypto says:

If bitcoin goes to $300k and Litecoin goes back to 0.01btc value thats $3000 litecoin value…. 0.01 isnt the all time high bitcoin valuation tho… 😉

Robert atVitalityStar says:

Well OK : )


ETH $2500 by Valentines Day.

Longinus Vibes says:

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Strawbrry Milk says:

haha "the sexy in security" thats for sure

Lost For words says:

The Girl looks much better

Iron Man says:

Litecoin verry undervalued !!!🚀🚀

Tristiam says:

Hope it will make some serious moves!

Mathias Daodu says:

Thanks for the video.

roberciq1234 says:

Ben’s hairstyle before he made 1000000$ in BTC 😂

Travel Your Own Path says:

Great Content Man Keep Up the Great Work 🙂

Sbl17 says:

If the SEC sues a coin. it's because they see it as a threat, so you're wrong.

TKO TV says:

Litecoin to 1k 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Steph Carm says:

Bitcoin sv video pls!

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