7 Crypto Coins That Will 15x Early 2022 (Last Chance)

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These coins will probably make huge gains but its your last chance to get in.


Alex Becker's Channel says:

Remember to donate some ham.

MJB says:

Same lame speech

First Name Last Name says:

What platform do y'all use to trade? I want to get into it but I can't find a good app to start out

Guts says:

Greatest intro of all time 😂

onur Polat says:

Which application does he use?

AngryRice says:

Can someone get me my ham?

Javier Rotjes says:

man i'm making 20% compound every video you make thank you good sir

zbiku1994 says:


Where are You trading? Where are most of these coins?

Franso Du toit says:

Matic to the moon

Crypto HouseWife says:

2022 The Year of Crypto

Scotty Oner says:

Last chance to get rent. Yeah pretty much.

IwantSome saitama says:

Think will at least half and then get ready for next bull run.

Mars inu says:

Am the next x1000

Israel Benítez Jiménez says:

Really? too early to go back to those x15 bs lmao

PATO says:

Bro these jokes about cardano are killing me lol

Ian Bonar says:

Alex, what platform are we looking at in this video for trading?

Rob Star Global says:

This time isn’t different… It’s still crashing 80-90%… 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

Bee Clair says:

What site do you use for trading? I am interested in getting into crypto gaming.

Quentin Foran says:

thats some funny shit

Ush_Player_2 says:

you sacced for pulseX yet becky boy?

Mroane Oitache says:

I think neo coin is a good choice, what do you think? Neo, then 3others solana is number 5

Nino Kolaric says:

On which platform does he trade?

Miguel Cabrales says:

Brutally honest, gotta stop eating ham.

Yassine Kaissi says:

I don't want money, all i want is alex's confidence

TheBarton1989 says:

Tom Nook running a crypto mafia

pearappleberry says:

lol your father wont beat u with a belt

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