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Share this...FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinIf Bitcoin retraces $20,000 and falls below that key support level, then “something is wrong” said Florian Grummes, managing director of Midas Touch Consulting. In the medium term, investors can expect the price to [More]
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Share this...FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinBitcoin ve Ethereum’da Son Durum – CANLI TEKNİK ANALİZ VE SİNYAL- Koinvizyon web sitesi, Koinvizyon Telegram kanalları ve Koinvizyon sosyal medya sayfalarında yer alan yatırım bilgi, yorum ve tavsiyeleri yatırım danışmanlığı kapsamında değildir. Yer [More]
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Share this...FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinIs Ethereum in trouble? With several new, cheap, fast, layer 1 protocols on the market like Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, can ETH hold out until the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade? After the recent core developer meet-up, [More]
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