ADA Explosion Next Week! (Secret Cardano Price Manipulation EXPOSED)

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Inside info on Cardano manipulation and why ADA Price could explode!


Danz Ada says:


BTCETH Legend says:

I will continue to sit in USDC/USDT until it start moving again

Q_N says:

Thank God he ain't driving. I thought that he was DUI of Crypto.

B2thelak3 Gaming says:


Rorschach says:

Thoughts on $GDAO? Governor DAO, anonymously verify Proof of Existence biometrically through a non-kyc wallet.

Mailson says:

Project so strong based it gives me the chills of how huge its gonna be.

Cosmic Crunch says:

You're the alex jones of crypto

shy battle says:

Ha ha ha ha ha

Burak YANALAK says:

Empire Token 💵🚀

Bruce says:

What's not exploding in the next two weeks?

eROCKaustin says:

appreciate the hopium. whether ur right or not, i'll be holding!

jussee85 says:

If you look a coin which is gonna explode next week it is XRdoge.

MetalGearMk3 says:

dont trust his sauce..

Bruce says:

Dude, cardano isnt going anywhere.
Its stuck in the mud because theres a TON of other projects that beat its core usage already. All the competitors have smart contract, its nothing new, theyre faster like Solana and in the meanwhile Cardano released 0 usage as of yet. We dont even have a beta…dont even know if it works or not. Theres huge potential in others making massive gains already 20 times over Cardano. Dont get me wrong, i was a holder since 15 cents, got my gains and sold somewhere around 1,40 range already. Every crypto coin has these types of videos. And generally, if bitboy says anything i do the opposite

Kevyn Rendon says:

Nice! You caught me off guard when you said you about to play the World Series poker… good luck!

Tristan Bayman says:


Endrushmi says:

this guy has been "given the word" lmao. He's just looking at charts and seeing what everybody else can clearly see. Cardano has bottomed out. #ADAgang


Ben you Rock Dude… it's simple Charles and the Team created a fair opportunity for all to enter into ADA… while all the wealthy were focused on ETH and BTC us little people were finding value in Cardano…also, i think everyone staked early to get rewards and understands the present and future value of holding ADA…im beating most stakers are not selling until they see double digits

Silvah777 says:


Sean S says:

You made Anthony Pompliano look more like Anthony Chumpliano!

M M says:

ADA built properly from the ground up and will continue to evolve into the future

Shawn Turcotte says:

CTT/USDT solid nft gem !

M M says:

ADA family world wide

edaciousx says:

lets get it ada gang!

Burak YANALAK says:

Empire Token 🚀

Mike Krenz says:

You are fired TJ!

Nick Short says:

Hey @bitboy that pomp debate was weird. Your thumbnail on XRP ended with a question mark. Makes that thumbnail a question to be discussed not a statement of fact. His arguments didn’t hold water at all. You did a good job. On another note…didn’t you take profits from Fantom and put them into Shib monthes ago during the doge pump? Thought I remember seeing that live . Could be wrong…often am. Anyways thanks dude and way to stand your ground. Must be that Yankee castle law you guys love haha

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