Bitcoin: Bull Market Support Band Update

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Time for an update on our Bitcoin bull market support band, considering that we have a new weekly close for Bitcoin. This bull market support band is essentially our line in the sand for separating different types of market environments. Where do you think the price of Bitcoin is headed? Let me know in the comments!

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Benjamin Cowen says:

back in the sandbox.

batty roy says:

I hope to God your right.

FFiallo says:

I think blockchain backer is right in that were in a Bitcoin bear market. Cant ignore the giant "M" pattern either.

BlueToronto says:

So this year BTC started slowing down in January, maybe next year it'll start accelerating in January.

Julien Bonnaud says:

bitcoin is soo pricy, whales need large distribution zones instead of peaks. Remember that elon musk also said they (him and the other market makers) wanted to make it a sort of slower uptrend, instead of peaks and crashes. . .
one by one all the hyped up youtubers are finally starting to understand they just missed the selling zonnes lmao. looks like you wont get outta bed for another 4 years ben😉

Daniel says:

2012 cycle was 12 months from halving. 2016 cycle was 18 months from halving, an increase of 50% in length of cycle. So if this cycle length increaes by 50% as well (as the pattern shows) then it means that this cycle will be 27 months (18months+50% increase) in length from halving, which should put the cycle peak at about August 2022..

In short, I am buying this dip!!!
We're still going way way higher and gonna kick ourselves for not buying BTC when it was below 50k..

Ephraim says:

100% interested in the total market cap of crypto.
I'm personally a doubter of the people who believe that bitcoin is the end all be all of crypto.

Champ says:

NEO is the best coin that I’ve ever seen. Has the most use cases and is the most technologically advanced coin in the world.

I can’t find anything close to what it can do. No wonder it was china’s best coin.

The rest of the world has it now.

Don’t be fooled by this dip

Alex Jones says:

How is fair value calculated?

Stallzy says:

8:06 "At what point would we say you know the market is just breaking down?" – price dropped from 49000 to 48760 in the spice of like 5 minutes for the end of the video lol :((

Francis Soryee says:


Wiliam Livramento says:

We need plan C now

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