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Today let’s go over new economic data, talk about Michael Saylor and look at other Crypto news.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Market Overview
1:25 Weekly Jobless Claims
2:00 Oil Falls
2:40 Largest Hike In 27yr
3:45 Bitcoin Overview
4:10 Saylor Speaks Out
8:30 Blackrock & COIN
9:45 $2B Stolen
10:40 COIN Flying!
13:20 Japan Reduced Tax
13:50 Fairfax Pension
14:35 Bottom Volume
15:10 S2F Bottom
15:30 Cardano Smart Contracts
16:10 Justin Sun ETH Stash
18:10 Q&A

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Elton Navarro says:

Saylor is a moron.. who cares

grE68 says:

Its a play for the rich to lose 100% of gains. Ark sold 1.41 million shares of Coinbase.

wartext says:

UK interest rates causing a further dip on crypto right now.

Tamás Benedek says:

Maybe it's no coincidence that 40,000 btc were added to coinbase yesterday…Maybe Elon still posted the rest. they started dumping, but at least they keep the price down. Today's nasdaq price was this high in May, when btc was around 40K.

BI Moji says:

Nothing Burger

lacantara23 says:

Bro can you cover the debt market more..also, everyone is projecting higher inflation only you and the propaganda ministry are holding water for the establishment ..we are in a inflationary period that will continue to rise throughout the rest of the decade -finally having black rock as a big holder of MS is not very comforting!

Wellington says:

Shut up about backround who cares dude

Brandon says:

George you need the old background back or do something cool with this background. Colors just are not doing it for me. But then again my fashion sense is not good. Love the channel!

Josh says:

Unsubscibed. I've cringed at your BS takes on various topics but didn't bother me. You completely making up a made up narrative about saylor is too stupid, you could just watch the earnings meeting and any of his interviews (less than 24 hours later) and see zero drama. Good luck

Farhan Ranjha says:

Do you think telos coin has a future

badass1g says:

Ever since coinbase made that post about how customers could lose their crypto if they went bankrupt it’s been downhill for them. Why the hell would they say that??? It makes sense though they wanted to spook the market so they sell and get the fees from everyone selling. Then they say shortly after that they aren’t in Risk of BK lol games!

Doug Robson says:

Thinking of getting back into Avalanche since markets seem to be bottoming. Hear any updates on it? Seems to be quiet lately.

Vincent Iengo says:

Tron is one of the few coins that works very well.

badass1g says:

Black rock coinbase partnership…

thatsawrap818 says:

F Blackrock!

LeaveMyGun says:

Old background was much better, now you look like every other youtuber

bob dylan says:

Blackrock is using MicroStrategy as a proxy to over leverage the crypto market in an attempt to destroy crypto

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