Bitcoin CRASHING (Is It OVER for 2021 BTC Bull Run?)

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In this video, I give you the top crypto news stories of the day in less than 3 minutes. Bitcoin is CRASHING down to $56K and the markets are experiencing a lot of volatility. Joe Biden announced that Jerome Powell will remain in his position as Federal Reserve Chairman. Finally, Odell Beckham Jr. has announced that he will take his salary in Bitcoin this year.

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No Commentary Gameplay says:

it's been over 10x this year

Kemono Yama says:

That is called bed head dude!

Rohit Kumar says:

This moonvember we just saw few green days

kingrclrg says:


Raul Valdez says:

Hahaha like that mood 👏🏼 🙌

Kristen says:

nah its black friday thats why its down.

Generation Z Explorers says:

Lets go Q4 bull run

mheljune reyes says:

Influencers selling their souls to the highest bidder to lead their sheep to the slaughter house while they stack #Bitcoin on the profits

THOF says:

DDT , Dar Dex token…pls review this coin and new exchange. Great utilities and transparent ownership

soyaassi x says:

I'm so ready for the alts season. Now it's time to get into Dtube and hold.

Primusinterparesone says:

Looking at the wrong coins ! Cro ! Elrond ! Gaming tokens are pumping

hAirMoto's FPV says:

Maybe this is the new kind of bear market🤷‍♂️
To much money is invested in cryptocurrency this past year, can it really dip that low? If all us chump change peeps cash in on our bitcoin and etherum, do we think we have more money than all the institutions and bankers?

I hope crypto is like the new s&p 500

Stan Gable says:

Click bait fucker.

Paulo De Freitas says:

In my opinion bc is done there is other projects that are better so why invest BCOIN?

mike Holmberg Nielsen says:

Buy IOTX it could go up 23%this week…

Riaan Harmsen says:

Jip people need money to pay stuff. Sell your holdings

Einns Mix Content says:

Dtube has a great deal of promise. In less than a week, I was able to 10X the amount I put in – I wish I had put in more earlier.

Monkey says:

I want to die

Joe Vitti says:

Need money for some crazy Black Friday sales!

Bitcorn is Bitcorn And I don’t care says:

Thx for reading the most obvious shit possible to us…. Preesh

InsertNameHere says:

He bought? Dump it

Geraldine Guillermo says:

ETH's doing better than BTC right now partly due to its superior smart contract application. Dtube can do better than this because it's tech is even better than ETH.

Shrubbery says:

$EGC That is all.

Mateo Tinoco says:

Bitboy Crypto had a meltdown while been interviewed by Anthony P…

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