Bitcoin’s MOST PIVOTAL Moment of Bull Cycle (LATEST Data Reveals ALL)

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Vnix says:

ADA is on sale

Jedi Crypto says:

June 2022 . Nothing has ever pointed to December

John Doe says:

Let’s go Brandon!!!

Lets. Growcannabis says:

I bought shiba , doge, sand , ada yesterday 💪🏼🚀🚀🚀

Owen Hartman says:

useless video.

Simon Day says:

I like Ben, but whales are using these channels in 2021

mattcpowell1 says:

Asia markets doing well even though Evergrande is down 10%. Im very bullish!!

CadillacRobb XRP says:

Gotta love large green dots

The Populous Pimp - PPT says:

People sell. It sucks. Whales in control

Johnny Rodgers says:

Alex Jones was right.

Johnny Rodgers says:

Plandemic, Great Reset, Davos, Klaus Schwab, Gates. It’s about control.

AIM says:

Oh. So price go up…unless we get manipulation…got it. Lmfao.

Cuzin dave 420 says:

Bro. Change that thumbnail asap ! Looks like someone put something in Uranus


How is Pfizer gonna let this good news happen???

Bottle 12 says:

hey its Moon Boy

s on says:

Its over bear market

Aileen Orta says:

This downturn has nothing to do with Evergrande, Chinese Real Estate, collapsing?

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