Do Kwon's folly – Dai was never going to die. Here's why

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“Dai is a stablecoin implemented as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed to maintain 1:1 parity with the US Dollar its value is backed by collateral which is locked up in a smart contract, the Maker collateral vault.”

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RENKO EA MT4 says:

Dai is the only stable coin even usd collapse

Tsar Alexander says:

Nice video! Would love for you to talk about xDaiPunks soon 🔥 😄

Macauley P says:

Wait, it wasn’t named after Wei Dai the cryptographer and creator of b-money?

eric angleton says:

The Dai Savings Rate on Oasis was calculated in real time, and at least I thought that was extremely cool Eye Candy on it, so was saddened by its discontinuation.

joseph joseph says:

hello my name is candy from bitbank

e1m1 says:

anyone who says holding overcollateralized stable is the same as holding centralized stable is [redacted] or speaking their bags. Unless of course, you want the stability to be mechanism based and not usd based like RAI, you'd always need a buffer of the real thing

Ian Gilbert says:

Would it be possible to do a piece on GBP stablecoins? The two I know are TGBP and sGBP. TGBP is a asset backed stablecoin whilst sGBP is an overcollateralised one (like DAI) on the synthetix platform. I'm not sure if there are any more. The two have slightly different use cases (I think) with TGBP being good for paying providers as it can be settled out to fiat very easily. sGBP (IMO) would be better suited to liquidity and trading. Trust Token (the makers of TGBP) also do a CAD, HKD and AUD product.

Dave The Serious says:

pro tip. you can short with loans too. borrow against you eth, immediately swap to stables, wait for your desired price action to occur, repay loan, profit the difference.

B A says:

FYI – Tether website came after the present Maker website, which was launched around the time of MCD (November 2019).

James King-Nickol says:

Hey Robin, how come we don't see you or The Defiant on RV anymore? Very much missed bud :'(

Pat murphey says:

When you over collateralize a stable with a centralized stable coin I'd argue it is a failure. Mine as well hold USDC.

Pat murphey says:

The really off key part is AI God wants his money now. He is a sore winner.

DC says:

Bean is coming back soon. Credit base stabelcoin looks promising I must say..

CryptoGutZz says:

Dai nevar daii

Philson says:

DAI was a great v1 concept. But now there is also Alchemix.

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