Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020) – Dai! He will come back! We'll see him again!

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Episode 100


Tony Abdalla says:

Dont forget the frozen black cores around the world. They can be re-activated again

Riki Iskandar says:

Is real death?or go another dimension?because i need proof not only teory because he storng hero

David Vang says:

Damn, he dai.

Anime Freak says:

I know they rebooted this but after seeing demon lords and heroes in the past anime this decade. You really can't beat the classic Hero vs Demon Lord story. Dragon Quest definitely delivered that story, those who haven't watch this classic story of good vs evil are 100% missing out

JuanMJ says:

Dai is looking for Gomechan πŸ’ͺ

AlphaZero says:

Not all threats are eliminated. Vezlar is still out there. They say he is sealed for eternity however a seal does not last forever. Either Dai or a new hero arises to fight an immortal Dragon being and lay him non existent forever. The threats will not go away. I pray that a sequel with Dai and a new hero will rise. Or Dia himself the Super Knight will return eventually. But now is not the time.

rockman mix says:

At least we can still see him in Hero’s Bond

juan gomar says:

I want Dai and Gomechan back together

Zulhanifah Zulkarnain says:

I love that ost. I cried when it was played during the death of Hadlar.

RedGyl says:

Such a beautiful story. I want a sequel, but it's probably better left as is so we fans can choose how we want it to continue ourselves.

atobe king says:

I believe
Makai arc is going to happen!

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