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Today on April 1st, I’ll be explaining why Litcoin [LTC] is better than Bitcoin [BTC]

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CryptosRUs says:

Happy April Fools Day! Realize what day it is before watching this video or taking this title literally.

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Load3d says:

He talks about crypto influencers and their April Fool's Day posts then follows up and explicitly states, "this is not a joke."

ASTRONOMAR #TheCommunity says:

a week later you made a video telling us to take LTC seriously? like seriously george, can you make up your mind on Litecoin??

Luân Hồ says:

In 2018, I sold my BNB to bought LTC. That's my big wrong lol.

Shakor’s Life says:

Lite coins hit $400 today 😂😂😂😒

y ll says:

350 usd…booo

Stephen Douglas says:

Waste of time.

Secret person D says:

Funny how it 2x since this video lmao

Ham Radio CQ says:

I remembered Charlie sold his LTC. It's like the Captain NOT going down with the ship….that he built. The captain was the first to jump off.

Ham Radio CQ says:

I owned Ripple back in the day… The second I heard they can take your ripple from you… I was out. Made a little bit of money, but never again.

S H says:

This didn't age well xD

Rocky Al hamzah says:

do you know FAS will announce a new presale opportunity via their Announcement Channel?

Brian Murphy says:


Smithsnmoz says:

Why doesn't this guy like LTC? HE DOESN'T LIKE XRP Either…

Diego Dawson says:

I took the risk dealing with Austin to be in charge of my trade and finally end up with perfect testimony.his platform is amazing and very straightforward!!

Dan Green says:

Legit you might be wrong about LTC

King says:

Streamed live on Apr 2, 2021. Damn your joke is late.

Oscar López says:

Please buy a good micro guy–

Daniel Leech says:

Cmon man, Litecoin was a good dude.

Landon Ballew says:

Now you look like the fool!

Jeff Wiberg says:

I’ve been a big George fan but this April Fools joke was pretty idiotic. He really needs to stick to crypto analysis and leave the jokes to those who know how to deliver them. Even worse that he doubled-down by saying his followers don’t have a sense of humor. George needs to look George in the mirror and ask George if George has a sense of humor. He may not like the answer that George gives.

Scott Johnson says:

Good artists copy, great artists steal.-Picasso

david okimoto says:

I personally believe Litecoin will be Huge!

BBH101 says:

This was actually a brilliant video, if for no other reason but to point out the brilliance of Charlie Lee and Brad Garlinghouse! Still laughing.

S. B. says:

I'm a fan but sorry George if this was meant as an April Fool's prank it kind of missed the mark

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