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R James says:

Retirement funds, and savings may well become a target to pay for some of the consequences of the present crises.

Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto are lifeboats 🚢 🛳 rising ever faster as the inflationary tide comes in…..

rmonlu says:

Litecoin is such a piece of shit. Why shill this crap? To get people rekt?

Samyboy says:

Waiting till I see 6s I don’t care if it goes pst that

Omar Alhabshi says:

LTC is showing all signs of a dying coin. No longer clear why it is still in the portfolio of institutions like Grayscale but the day they drop it, you'll know by then it is over for it.

500 METERS says:

Whatever you want to predict, whoever's been holding the last two years gains have been marginal in this bullmarket. sure has been a garbage investment

MilkFootball says:

You said no harmonics lol

Silvacron says:

Yeah this kinda conflicts with your long term prediction lol

Saucy says:

For it to go back to 140 bitcoin would have to absolutely shit the bed..

REAl REAction says:

All Litecoin needs is some media love and attention. Litecoin has been pretty easy to predict because of how boring it is, but once it gets media love 🚀

God Always Wins says:

Just sold @ 187 waiting for it to drop to 120/140 to buy again

Endri Dervishi says:

Ltc will be 420£ wich is around 696$

anand shabadi says:

No way it's topping at 600 by eoy, it will cross 400 by mid September and top around 2k or more by eoy.. compare 2013, 2017, 2021 bull runs.. just my opinion. I could be wrong

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