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R James says:

‘Don’t lock 🔒 yourself into a Fiat future’

Talk of digital passports tied to your bank account, and inflation are reminders of the 🔑 importance of Bitcoin Litecoin and crypto.

sam samson says:

You called the 140 drop and many more over the last year. Great content!

Luis Angulo says:

Litecoin will do fine this weeks and months ahead

Jason Wishere says:

The way i see it is for the yearly chart, the current pattern which is dec 2021 to jan 2022 looks like a falling wedge

Wim Woensdregt says:

Thanks very much! (Please dont stay away soooo loooooong!)

ali ezzat says:

you just draw some stupid lines and circle and call it technical. definitely market pump and dump again. that is the nature of this market and has nothing to do with your videos

lelee tifra says:

I'm in 4 long term at these prices I'm a go

Beauty Queen says:

Great thanks for the update

Derick colman says:

I'm long on LTC, and remember we can not relay on technicians or else we would all win!

137Ebay says:

Nobody knows what bullish or bearish new could happen tomorrow. I will continue to buy.

Adam Serace says:

As long as Btc remains above 40k these next two weeks in particular, I remain Bullish. A Daily close below 39k, Signifies that the Bears are in control and Btc will drop to the next strong support at 29k, so will Ltc (Your Bearish Scenario).

atvlife fam says:

Ltc is a shit coin old tech it’s like buying at Atari instead of a ps5

Mindy A says:

Funny…your youtube channel is the one which called LTC for 1000 or much more. You have been over bullish on LTC than everyone else out there.

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