#Litecoin Update. Yes, I'm Just as Bullish as Ever.

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Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before investing your hard earned money.

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World War Bitcoin says:

Correction: 1/8th the price of Bitcoin would be 6k. My bad.

Renegát says:

🚀🚀🚀 to the Moon

drdsw says:

LTC to Mars! It's on sale, get some now before it's too late.

Joel Lopez says:

I have a $36K bag in LTC and will keep HODL and yes I made most of my money with Doge also. started with $12K and turned it to $130K but i also feel doge is dead. don't get me wrong i still have love for that pooch cus it made me money. but ive been watching it and every time it runs up it wont hold its gains. if your looking for a safer bet just buy ETH. and the reason i put a large amount in LTC is when BTC was running back up the second time i saw LTC move in larger percentage. i believe we would've easily hit $2k with LTC if it weren't for these set backs. Buy the dip and stop asking if its a good time to buy!

Nono king says:

Litecoin 135, my gosh!!!!

Cesar Sanchez says:


IceAgeReaper says:

Yep with you on this one, got into LTC because of you.

BabylonWillFall says:

LTC 💥🚀💥

bhuste1 says:

That was the first time I had asked for a $LTC update or any update for that matter. Peace and Love to you as well. Thanks Alex!

karatefutzi says:

Listen here to someone who has been following you since around the time where your psychic abilities started ( i think it was before the September crash )

You are a great man, for providing so much information and well thought it's FREE and FREELY available. ANYONE who is criticizing you is doing it because they have small pepe energy and doesn't know how to trade themselves, through your guidance ive come to understand how certain aspects of the crypto world work, are you always right? NO do I need to think the same about every project? HELL NO does this matter ? NO

cause you go out of your way to provide free value to anyone who is willing to listen, whoever just blindly follows you or Pablo or fuckin santa clause is doomed to flip burgers one day.

All in all i wanted to say with that is thank you for your support mr, you got a least one soul over here in Europe thinking what you are doing is great 🙂 !

Ben Stone says:

Only an idiot would park their entire portfolio in shit coins. Your majority should be in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Litecoin is liquid, that’s why the prices is down. If shit coins had the same liquidity, a large majority of them would die.

John McCarthy says:

I completely agree, I think your $1,500 end of the run is conservative! I’m confident it will run.

Samoon says:

Gonna keep accumulating and dcaing down, simple.

Dale Lemke says:

Yes Alex. One thing we can all be sure of is we are not sure of anything crypto wise except for the fact it's not going anywhere.

Abe Chapa says:

Just moved my big bag of LTC over to a cold wallet yesterday, I have all the time in the world to let this play out. 😴

patboidatboi says:

I've held LTC since 2019 as my first crypto I ever bought. Probably my best investment to date

Christopher says:

I love your conviction and absolutely believe LTC will pump like crazy after Bitcoin make its next climb. BTW, I’m not sure why my comments keep getting deleted from your vids (I am not a spammer).

Trumprules67 says:

You know you’re still going to get asked 50 times during your live.

franbritotsa1 says:

Are you bullish on Santa Coin?

Hayden Hodges says:

Was thinkin the same thing people will sleep on litecoin until it wakes up

Theboardsurfer says:

Appreciate your content and opinions on this market 🤘

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