My Top 5X Altcoin Picks For This Bull Run | 5 Altcoins To 5x | Crypto News Today

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KB Direct Online says:

Vra omi bepro mtv dent

Александр Ефедин says:


Jalepino24 says:

Sdao $3.05… buy the dip… “ not a financial adviser “

Mohanad Madani says:

MTV is incredible

Roel Steensels says:

MTV all day long !!

Kees van den Bosch says:

5 check marks: bags from high to low: MTV, VChain, SDAO, LINK, AGIX….. maybe increase my link holdings… hmmm next week 25th payday.. and SDAO dropped to 3,3$ overnight ..interesting

Alin says:

$Agix & $Sdao 🥰😍😍


"If you're thinking about Ethereum 2.0, it's already here, it's called Multivac." Quote of the century

Tayyab Tanveer says:


Paik Kasar says:

If you are thinking about Ethereum 2.0 it's already here it called multivac !!!!! What a sentence I Love

Seyavee Image Photography says:

Love Vechain & ChainLink

jspreezy says:

Vechain please I believe in you just finally burst lose ya mind to the moon . I appreciate 65 cents this bull run but if u go to a $1 then amen!! Haha salute

Jake says:

PXB on Kucoin 🚀👨‍🚀

Internet jobs sri lanka says:

MTV is gonna write history

Márcio Müller says:


CDH Shepherd says:

Scott James says:

I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

Oscar Delgado says:


amanda shipman says:

I believe LINK will 10x

John Deer says:

Sylo 🚀🚀🚀

TheSquiggleySpooch says:

will MTV 5x from where it’s at today around .02?

Kim Vincent says:

Adam says:


Mark Wan says:

Great video

Sean says:


MoCo Krypto says:

MoCo Krypto says:

MTV babyyyy

CoinsGirl says:

MTV all day every day !

Zulfiqar Majeed says:

MTV 💵🙌💵

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