Nobody Is Seeing This! – Altcoin Crypto Crash Dynamics

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Gerhard - Bitcoin Strategy says:

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Stefan M says:

Another great video! Thanks Gerhard!

agjahwhwhwhx says:

Isnt total3 outpreforming btc because of the stablecoin dominance/marketcap increasing?
Or total3-stablecoins is still outpreforming btc?

Ben says:

Forgot that Alts lost 98% last time, ooosh

Bret Armstrong says:

Always insightful analysis 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Didier deNice says:

sorry, i didn't get your point… 🤔

taiyo omori says:

Great work, Gerhard

Lucidchronicles says:

I think it just means retail are still in complacency with alts, they will drop more imo

Karren says:

all this crypto youtubers ACTING LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. ITs funny.

Dany says:

from Reddit:
"This is a first time BTC will be a part of the economy when recession hits. So don't blindly follow previous data!

I love charts, TAs and all those fancy stuff. A lot of people believe we have hit the bottom based on those TAs.

However, a lot of us has forgot to factor in that this is the first time BTC will be here while recession hits us. I personally think this alone throws previous datas out of the window."

Juan Zacarias says:

great video

Yourowner says:

These altcoins are doing great and have utility last bear market alts where shit coins

Dany says:

what is your microphone setup?

Yourowner says:

How u so laid back my dude?

DrZebra says:

The survey was taken from your community. It's quite fair to assume that it might be skewed and does not reflect the actual crypto community.

Nath4n says:

When the economy recovers I think BTC will recover fine, people are very uncertain right now with everything happening.

ikust007 says:

Thank you Gerhard !

Jaden Peterson says:

How do you know bots aren't voting in your polls just wondering. Not always sure what to make of the information

P Anagenesis says:

I think as time goes on, the altcoins will decouple themselves from bitcoin and so will the larger cryptomarket from the broader stock market.

Nivalis says:

would you think polk would be a good buy?

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