PRIORITIES: Stop Making The Wrong Decisions In Crypto!

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Ella Robert says:

If you can afford the risk, do everything to reach financial freedom early. crypto makes it possible.seen 1000s do it

Doctor Strange says:

God Bless you Jebb!

William Manatau says:

God first in everything that you do. Way to be a role model. Love it brother.

K says:

Wait until you have a child…

SBC CAVE says:

Jebb I love that we're in brothers in Christ. I need this video thank you!

Mike says:

religion and crypto just doesnt go together. crypto makes sense to me the other doesnt

b b says:

Jeb. The Dave Ramsey of Crypto. 😹👍

malik oden says:

Devine order!

Chris Schroeder says:

Appreciate your wisdom!

nicolasgoossens says:

Jebb really is the Ned Flanders of Crypto-Tubers 💯


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Urdu says:

Can you help me with a way to get in touch with this Clara greens. I'm interested and willing to invest with her.

Miami Martin says:


Timo Frömmgen says:

Awesome guy!

cjay Miller says:

Congratulations Jebb on getting married. Wheres my invitation bro. Lol. thanks for all advice my friend 👍

Nate says:

Perfectly said.

Twisted says:

My first priority is the health of my family and financial stability, if you don't have them, the other things are inconsequential.

Steve Hughes says:

Please stop preaching. This is meant to be a business utube and you are becoming more irrelevant when you deviate. I’m not trying to be rude but i am not religious and do not believe. Happy for you to be but I turn off from these types of content

Angry Monkey says:

What you are talking about, in Hinduism is called Dharma. It's in my opinion one of the founding philosophy of Hinduism. The other one is more popular one called Karma.
While Karma is the reward or consequence of your good and bad actions, Dharma is your duty in life. Duty of being a human, a husband or wife, son or daughter, or a doctor or carpenter, or a businessman or a king or a leader. The priorities of a king is his people and not his family because for his everyone is family. That is how he becomes a true and just king.
So I believe priorities should not be bound. It should be free because or Dharma, our priorities changes in different stages of our lives as we fulfil the different duties we take on.
😀😃 .. respect 🙏

jo151 says:

You’re like the Dave Ramsey of crypto

Jeremiah Roark says:

Love you Jebb, you gotta clean up that beard though! Haha my last looks the same way when I try to grow it out.

Ryan Powell says:

Hard to hear but love it

Justin aaq Long says:

God, family, love

Justin aaq Long says:

Jebb, congratulation on your married

Lirim Qerimi says:

Man i thought you are a logic-driven man. With the first point you mentioned, that says a lot about you. The most emotional thing : religion 👎🏻

Siegfried De Smedt says:

Hugs and Love to you and Sara 💖

Josh Davis says:

How is old is Jebb?

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