The Aurelion Sol Rework Is Here.

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SUP GUYS, The Asol Rework if finally here. In this video, I react to it and dissect the kit, combos, build etc.

Prepare for content.


Sol says:

Lemme know what you guys think of the Rework! Also prepare for the most content you've ever seen from me <3
Update: Here is a more accurate leak of the rework ability description on twitter that just dropped:

Toreto Sandoval says:

I hope its ok im disapointed tho, I will miss my stars

Alex Mota says:

I dont really know how hes gonna be played here because after you E-Q you have nothing, they should have made it where you are not stationary when you Q. That was a problem that raised when they took the toggle passive, he is just not very useful for a bit.

The dabbing Gamer says:

I will miss oldrellion sol. He was 3 times the star of any champion

Namaeiz Sama says:

New skill is okay but black hole….just maintain the 3 star , it his kit that I fall in love in this champion 3 star of death spinning around to kite enemy . I Already disappointed the riot ruined my main

Sparkling Late says:

rework dumb i prefer spacing champing mechanic more than this dumb stay away spamming skill we have too many this dumb

pulo guffeltefush says:

i can't understand how an Asol otp is not infuriated from the chamlp being totaly replaced. The whole mechanic you played Asol for, that you trained and probably enjoyed a lot, all that is just gone. All that represent you as an otp is gone …. how can you be happy with this when it literaly is done for all the players that didn't play him ??? i'm stunt and consider you as a traitor not only to the champ, but to your self, wich is way sadder.

Sasaki says:

So they took one of the most unique characters in the moba genre, and just turned him into a fairly generic burst mage.


Rise says:

coool, but video games are useless

Annemarie Towle says:

Your positivity about the rework makes me feel a little better. As an Asol main who goes by B000P, I'm really disappointed to see his stars go. I just wanna keep booping kids in the mid lane. Please rito let him still say boop, even if he can't keep the stars.

Erik Economou says:

Man i hella wish they only changed the ult and reverted W but kept all the nice qol like detoggle ms. Feels like this ruins the Battle+Control AOE Mage gameplay that I love.

jotaro dio says:

.ore stacks more his passive and ult goes booom

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