The ICO: why do I have a letter from the Information Commissioner's Office?

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This is a video from my Patreon channel that, when I was watching it back, I thought could be useful as a standalone piece of advice. This is something that everyone running a business needs to know, and doubly so if you’ve received a letter from the ICO – the Information Commissioner’s Office – asking you for money.

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Link to the ICO’s questionnaire to see if you need to pay:

And here’s the page on their site that explains the exemptions:

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Ross H says:

I definitely agree it looks like a scam letter when it comes through. Believe you also have to pay if you have video recording in a commercial vehicle or premises.

MOKU says:

Mate I run a ecom business virtually , I have a ltd company in uk and accept payments via stripe , coinbase , PayPal wire etc and they put personal info when paying that is address , name , mail , payment mode . Do I need to pay IFP if I do this ecom business also we provide consulting services same this way , don’t collect any other data . Also while paying our suppliers we don’t collect extra info than account details for paying and email , name and address. My business is small – annual turnover between £50k – 250K , expected is below 83k .Do I need to pay ico and if not what do I mention as reason and description to not pay ico in no fee page of ico. Thanks mate , appreciate your help

Syed Jaffer Zaidi says:

Should E commerce stores pay this fee? I've been to their website and it is too open ended (vague) for a lay man to understand.

Jack Bennett says:

Fantastic video, clear and straight to the point. Exactly what I needed

Ross H says:

I definitely agree it looks like a scam letter when it comes through. Believe you also have to pay if you have video recording in a commercial vehicle or premises.

Laszlo Todoran says:

Informative and easy to understand, well done!

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